Friday, December 9, 2005

Christmas impatience!

We have presents under our tree ...
from the children's aunt and uncle.  Every day the children ask if
we can open "just one" present, and every day we say no.  But you
know, I think I'm as impatient as the children.  Because I know
the things I suggested as gift ideas, but I don't know what was
actually bought.  *I'm* just as excited to find out as the
children are!  Someone suggested I unwrap and rewrap the gifts so
I could find out, but I won't let myself peek. Somehow that just
wouldn't be fair.

I need to wrap our presents to the children
(and our extended families) and get them under the tree.  But I've
been focusing on getting Christmas cards in the mail and the Christmas
craft project we're working on instead.  Add in laundry to fold
and other chores, and wrapping presents keeps getting pushed to the

I need to wrap them, though. The closets and
bookshelf in my room are overflowing with presents waiting to avalanche
on us.Every now and then one does fall!!  Thankfully nothing
breakable.  :) 

I love giving presents to our
family, and I love seeing the joy on my children's faces when they open
their gifts.  And it's hard to suppress the little girl part of me
that loves getting gifts myself.  If I had to choose between me
getting a gift or the children getting gifts, I'd always choose that
they get gifts instead of me. And although the grownup practical side
of me often asks for practical needed things, there is still the other
part of me that delights in being spoiled and pampered with
"unnecessary pretties".

But back to the presents under the
tree ... they sure are tempting!  And everytime I talk to my
sister she asks me what I bought her.   I'm not telling, but I sure wish she'd give me a hint or two on what she bought me.

I think one of my love languages must be gifts, because I do enjoy that
part of Christmas very very much.  We do our best to balance out
the gift-giving focus with family devotions during Advent to help keep
the focus on the true meaning of Christmas, though.   And all
the children can tell you what that is:  Jesus!!


  1. Hard to contain all that anticipation and curiosity isn't it?



  2. Christmas can be a hard time to wait no matter how old you are, especially with the love languange of gifts. Both giving and recieving gifts are blessings.

    Welcome to the community here at HSB, we are glad that you have joined us here. May God bless you this Advent season and through the birth of your little one.

    God Bless,

    Gena Suarez, Publisher

    The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

  3. I am the same way! :)

  4. I'm havinga tough time waiting too! I want to see the excited looks on my boys' faces when they open their stuff. :)

  5. I get all excited too. I want to see their little faces light up with joy. AND I wanna see what I got too. lol



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