Wednesday, December 14, 2005

How do you do everything?

I was talking with a friend on the phone
the other day.  She also homeschools.  We were saying how it
seems impossible to do school and chores well, and something fun on the
same day.  We can manage to get 2 of those things done well, but
not all 3.  So if we want to do something fun or crafty or out of
the home, we feel like we have to do less school or less chores to get
it done. 

Is this true for everyone?  Or are we somehow just "challenged" in this way?

Anyone got any insights?  I'm really wondering because I'm trying
to keep up with school and chores and still get Christmas stuff
done.  But the Christmas stuff isn't getting done unless I let
chores or school slide a bit that day.  And if it's really true
that I can only do 2 of the 3 things in one day, then I may go ahead
and start our Christmas break a week earlier than I intended to.


  1. lately I'm fortunate to get even *1* of those three done. :-(

  2. Well, we don't have that problem. However, my husband has seen unschooling work with our children, so that isn't an issue. We believe doing chores together is important, and that chores in general are more important than whether they've memorized the presidents or know what sentence structure is. We sit down about 3x per day and read, the children write letters, draw, work puzzles, watch biographies, playing geography games, etc. Our "outings" are often educational; talking with retirees in the grocery store, shopping together, the library... all life skills. So everything we do, as a part of our lives, is educational.

  3. Popping in to see what's up while I'm on my "Christmas Vacation" .

    We tend to be able to get a Lot of it done because of our family Rule: 1) we all Work chores together and get it done thoroughly But quickly 2) we all learn together...during school time my focus is on the dc and Not on any chores since we've already Worked together 3)we all eat about pressure put on slackers LOL and 4)we all Play together.

    This rule has been in effect since my oldest dc were little and the Littles are fitted into it and get w/the program :)

    Hope everyone is feeling healthier! How are your Christmas preps going? I'm still So behind on gift shopping!!!



  4. I didn't specify well enough that I'm mostly referring to the extra things that come at Christmas. We do pretty well the rest of the year. But with extra crafts, baking, cards, wrapping, and packing to do ... I feel an extra pressure to get stuff done and am having a harder time fitting those things in with our regular workload. Every day I have to think ... should I fold clothes in this free time or work on a craft? That sort of thing.

    Christmas preps are coming along okay, I guess. Cards/letters are all sent. Most all shopping done (stocking stuffers and a few gift certificates still left to buy.) Took the children shopping for each other already. 4/7 of the crafts done. No baking done at all. One set of gifts wrapped -- ones to take to inlaws for our Christmas with them. Still haven't wrapped our family's gifts or the ones we are taking to my family on our vacation. I guess I'm doing okay with it, but knowing I only have a week until we leave makes me feel pressured.

  5. We usually take at least the two weeks prior to Christmas off...sometimes more. I find it difficult for any of us to concentrate on school with so much excitement and so much to be done. We give ourselves "permission" to be on break. This seems to alleviate any guilt we may feel!

    As for getting school, chores and fun things done in a day...If you think of the fun things you do with your kids, why do we not consider those part of school? An outing at the park - sounds like P.E. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen - math & science. Cuddled on the couch reading aloud - literature. Playing a board game - math, reading, etc. Even chores are teaching our children important life skills. You get the idea. Maybe instead of labeling each thing as "school", "chores" or "fun", we (including myself here!) need to readjust how we look at each one. They are all, or can be, part of each other. Does that make sense?

    Bless you during your pregnancy!


  6. Angela, I do try to think of life and school that way. But my husband also likes to see a certain amount of academics on a day we're counting for school. I do try to record many activities in our school record/journal. I record the fun things, the reading, the educational games, the outdoor play, the chores, etc. But I guess I still feel guilty if we don't do anything academic in a day -- as if I can't count it as a school day.

    I'm this weird person torn between unschooling/relaxed learning and the rules/academics of a more structured school. I can get to be a silly mess at times when I let the two sides get out of balance.

    And since I do keep a journal, *I* feel guilty if I have too many non-academic days recorded. I worry ... if anyone ever does challenge our homeschool and ask to see my records, what would they think of that?

    But thank you for your encouragement (and your blessing). It is reassuring and a reminder I do need from time to time. :-)


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