Thursday, December 15, 2005

Midwife visit today ...

Saw my midwife this morning.  26
weeks pregnant and all seems well.  :)  Baby is active and
growing with a nice responsive heartbeat.  I'm measuring 28 cm and
have gained 5 lbs. now.  My blood pressure is starting to creep up
... it was 129/74 today after sitting and chatting for half an
hour.  If she takes it when I first arrive, I'm higher than
that.  We found that out during the last two visits.  I'm
trying not to worry about my blood pressure getting too high later, but
also trying to do what I can to keep it down as much as possible. 
We had a very nice chatty visit, and I go back in 4 weeks. 


  1. Sounds like everything is going really well. :) Is that bp a lot higher than your norm?


  2. Keyla, it's creeping up. Usually I'm in the 110/120 over 50/60 range.

    But by the end of my last several pregnancies, I've been 135+/85+. I've reached 140/90 a couple times at my prenatals in the last weeks of previous pregnancies. But when I monitored it at home it never topped that and fluctuated up and down during the day.

    I don't recall it creeping up this early in the past, though. I've had high (for me) measurements (higher than this month's) the previous two visits. Not a big deal or anything, but enough to make me a bit concerned that by the end I might be higher this time.

    It's just making me aware that I need to be careful and keep an eye on it. :-)


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