Thursday, December 8, 2005

Our Family

I realized that it might be helpful if I
told a bit about our family.  I'm not yet sure how much I want to
share on a Blog so I'll be a bit vague for now.    I'll hash out with my husband how many details to share, and then I may edit this to give more details.

My name is April, and I'm a homeschool Mom to 5 children, with one more
due in March.  My husband is Steve and he is a computer guy. 
He works in Information Technology.

Our 5 children are A (age
10), R (age 8), C (age 6), J (age 4), M (age 1), and a baby due in
March.  The first 3 are our girls, and the last two are our
boys.  The baby is still of unknown gender. 

We're a Christian family living in the midwest. 


  1. So glad you've joined the blog world! Welcome!


  2. Good to see you here!! Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Welcome to blogging! :) And good taste in backgrounds.... that's the same one I use! LOL

  4. HI, its me Teena~ welcome to blog world. It is nice to come and just share and for others to comment. I really love the home school bloggers I have met.



  5. April???? from QF? I've been looking all over our 'friends' blogs to see if you had one. If I've found you I'm delighted. I've missed hearing about your family, the cats, the kids the farm ... you!

    Lisa MIchele


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