Monday, December 19, 2005

Sick baby, Sick Mommy, and Christmas

Well, my 1 yo is sick and so am I. 
My 6 yo is getting over ear infections and a very bad cough/cold, and
Steve is getting over bronchitis.  I have 3 other children with
sniffles, although no one is too bad yet.  But now the 1 yo and I
are pretty bad off.  His ears started hurting him in the night and
he's very clingy.  So, we will go to the Dr today and keep our
school expectations low this week.  I had wanted to do two days
with our unit studies, but I'm not sure he'll let me do them. 
We'll see.  I will have the girls do their math and reading and
handwriting.  And we'll just do our best to maintain here and get
ready for our Christmas trip.  God seems to send illness to our
home at Christmas most years.  3 of the last 4 years I have been
sick at this time.  Twice very badly, and I am hoping this year is
not the same.  The last time we travelled to my parents for
Christmas, I had a bad flu that turned into bronchitis and travelled
down there while feverish and weak.  I was a pretty useless blob
on the couch that year.  I'm really hoping to avoid any secondary
infections from this cold.  I do not need a round of antibiotics
right now, and the yeast infection that is likely to follow it.


  1. I'm sorry you all are battling illness again. That's no fun, hard to be sick at this time of year. I have a few with colds, but only little D. with anything more than that, he's got a wet, croupy cough and he's hoarse. Praying you all recover this week and are well for Christmas!


  2. Praying for you and you family!!

    Get well soon!

    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Praying you get better soon!

  4. ...garlic oil for ear infections? I spent several years taking my littles to the dr. for ear infections. Then someone told me that garlic oil is a natural antibiotic. I have used it for a couple of years now and have not had to have my littles on anymore antibiotics. I put 3-4 drops in the infected ear and then put in a bit of cotton to keep it in. I also give them a pain reliever for the discomfort. It works so quickly, they are usually better after just 24 hours. A little warning - the smell usually makes you hungry for Italian food! LOL

    Hope you are all feeling better very soon.



  5. I'm sorry that ya'll are sick...and I'll pray that you are feeling better soon. A rotten time of year to be so sick.


  6. Well, 1yo M has acute ear infections. DH prefers we do antibiotics for those, and to be honest, I've had 2 acute ear infections in the past 5 years and I caved in and reached for antibiotics myself. The pain is just awful with those and tylenol didn't help mine.

    However, to ward off any sinus or ear infections or bronchitis in myself, I am taking megadoses of vitamins. Taking garlic oil by mouth and putting it in my ears. Taking tons of C and echinacea, as well as all the myriad vitamins/supplements I"m taking for this pregnancy. At the moment it feels like all I do is pop pills and guzzle water all day long. I'm also drinking hot chamomile tea to encourage drainage.

    I was feeling some achiness in my ears when I went to bed last night and was worried I'd wake up in pain, but I didn't. I feel a bit better today, actually. A bit. M slept much better last night ... still restless and wakeful at times, but not crying like he did the night before. He is still feverish and subdued but is playing with puzzles this morning, so that is good to see. He is pointing to his ears to let me know they still hurt, though.

    Hopefully today he'll be mroe cooperative about taking medicines and doing ear drops or temp taking. He was very uncooperative yesterday and I only did the minimum of messing with him. Most things weren't worth upsetting him over.

    I still have not wrapped our family's presents and we are supposed to open them tomorrow night, since we are going out of town. I guess I have my work cut out for me today. I do not want to save it all for tonight and be up late, so I will probably try to do some in my room today while DC are occupied elsewhere. I wonder if that's too much temptation to them, though.


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