Monday, December 12, 2005

Sick children and theories

Steve is home today from work with a
bad cold.  He's coughing alot and has a sore throat, but I don't
think it's too bad.  J, C and R seem to be following behind
him.  C has it the worst, though.  Ever since she was 17
months old and had pneumonia, she gets  bad chest colds.
Every cold heads immediately to her chest (even before her nose starts
running) and she gets very croupy sounding.  We've never had to
take her to the ER, though.  She sounds really really bad, but
doesn't seem to struggle to breathe.

Anyway, Steve and I
talked today and I told him my theory was that if they felt well enough
to play, they felt well enough to do some school.  So I was the
Mean Mommy and made them do math and handwriting already.  And I
made them do some chores before they got to work on the Christmas Craft
project.  We will do their unit studies after they're done
watching this movie with Daddy.

But C told Steve that
she has a theory.  Her theory is that when you're sick you get to
do whatever you want ... and she wants to open Christmas
presents.  I told her my theory, that if you feel well enough to
play ... you can work.  Then we said Mommy doesn't get to do
whatever she wants when she's sick and neither does Daddy.  But
she still holds to her theory.  :)  Too bad for her that her
parents do not agree.

With all these coughs in the house, I
finally went out to the shed and dug out the humidifiers.  All
four of them.  After some heavy duty scrubbing, I was able to put
one in the kitchen and one in each of the children's rooms.  I
can't put the last one in our room until we buy more filters,
though.  Too bad, because Steve and I have been having problems
with our noses from the dry air from the heater.  But at least the
rest of the house won't be so dry.  I could move the kitchen
humidifier to our room each night, but to be honest, that's a real
pain.  I'll ask Steve if he wants me to, though.

I guess
while they're all busy watching a movie, I can either wrap some
presents or work on my part of the Christmas craft project.  And I
probably should figure out what we'll eat for supper.


  1. I would personally like C's theory to be true--at least when I am sick. However, it doesn't work that way at my house either. Hope everyone is better soon.


  2. since I feel like I might be getting sick, too, C's theory is holding a bit more appeal, but it still can't happen or no one will eat or have clean clothes to wear, etc.

  3. Sorry you had sickies. That's no fun. We get the croupy croupy boys here, but there's no real chest cold to go with it, just the larynx stuff. Sometimes, particularly with G & T, that's ALL it is, the croupy cough in the night really bad but essentially no other symptoms. ~shrug~


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