Thursday, December 8, 2005

Snowy School Day

Today we have our first real snowfall
of the season.  We had a dusting a week or two ago.  (Losing
track of time these days.)  But we have 7.5-8 inches today. 
It snowed all day yesterday.  That's a rare accumulation for this
part of the midwest.  It's beautiful!!

The children are
disappointed that Daddy gets to work from home today, but they still
have to do their schoolwork.  He's assured them that the snow
isn't the right type for snowmen or forts, but they still think they
should get the day off like the public schooled neighbors.  I
reminded them that they didn't want to play outside for more than 5
minutes yesterday and today is just as cold.  Our temps have been
in the 'teens for almost a week now.  Brr!!

We're doing a
lighter school load for the month of December.  I've promised the
girls that if they finish their math and our unit study quickly, we'll
work on more of the craft projects that we're giving as family gifts
this Christmas.  So far, they're not working too quickly.  I
guess they aren't wanting to do anything special today.

basically just doing our math workbooks, our handwriting, and our unit
studies this month.  We're setting our phonics, spelling and
history aside for the moment.  My 1st and 3rd graders (C and R)
are using Horizons math and Italic handwriting workbooks.  My 5th
grader (A) is in Saxon 54 and has graduated from daily handwriting

C and her younger brother J are using Five
In A Row for their unit study.  Mostly, it's C, but J sits in
sometimes.  We're studying Babar: To Duet or Not To Duet this week. 

A and R are using Prairie Primer and Beyond Five In A Row.  We
alternate between them.  Right now, we're using Prairie Primer and
are in The Long Winter.  We just began it last week.  It will be very fitting today with our snowfall.

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  1. you have the rare Babar book! I could not find that ANYWHERE when we were doing FIAR.

    I should start doing FIAR again with my youngers.

    I'm glad you have a blog, I've missed keeping tabs on you!


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