Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Basement Critters

We made our trip out to the farm this past weekend.  We had some things
to leave there, and we needed to retrieve our lawn tractor from the
repair man.  It was a short trip, but a good one. 

When Steve went down to the basement to get something, though, he
noticed wood chunks and wood chips on the floor.  Further examination
showed that "something" had first gnawed at the pocket door closest to
the basement, and then clawed/gnawed at the door right after it that
leads onto the enclosed porch.  Although it had succeeded in getting
through the pocket door corner, it did not appear to have successfully
got up onto the main floor. 

We knew it was more damage than a mouse could have done, so suspected we had rats in the basement. 
Steve bought rat traps and more mouse traps when he went into town that
morning.  But when he later inspected the basement, he found something
entirely different down there.  A dead squirrel!  He was lying next to
an old old old collection of walnuts Steve's grandmother had once
stored down there.  Who knows how long ago!?!?

Steve got a
shovel and prepared to remove the dead squirrel from the basement.  But
then the question began ... what if it's not really dead?!?!  It's not
very stiff.  It's not bloated.  What if it jumps off the shovel and
attacks me?!?!   
Bargaining began over WHO would do the dirty deed.  Alas, this
woman is not that brave, however, and Steve had to do it.

Thankfully, it was quite dead, and was easily removed.  But that was
our weekend surprise.  Something we never expected to find down there. 
Snakes, spiders, mice, even rats ... but a squirrel?  And that begs
some other questions ... HOW did it get in and HOW LONG was it down

However, it did prompt us to do what we've been meaning to do ... set traps all over in the basement. 

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