Monday, January 9, 2006

Getting to know us more ...

We are a Christian homeschooling family
with 5 children (soon to be 6).  We are Steve and April, and our
children are A (10.5 yo girl), R (9 yo girl), C (6.5 yo girl), J (soon
to be 5 yo boy), M (2 yo boy), and baby due in March 2006.

currently live in a somewhat small Kansas town that's just far enough
away from the metro to let us lead a more quiet traffic-free life ...
and just close enough to the metro areas to let us take advantage of
its many opportunities.  Although, we find ourselves doing so less
and less often.  Steve works on the edge of the metro area, but is
able to avoid most of the bad commuter traffic.  We have enjoyed
being out of the metro area for the past 7.5 years, but are looking
forward to moving to a more rural area soon.

7 months ago, we
purchased my husband's grandparent's home place.  We now own the
house, outbuildings and nearly 7 acres of the original family homestead
in North Central Kansas -- granted by President Ulysses S. Grant. 
His Grandma still owns the majority of the land, but we do hope that
God will enable us to buy some or all of that land when the time comes
for it to be sold.  Our future home is definitely rural -- a
homestead that is about 10 miles outside of a small Kansas town and an
hour from a very large town.

In the meantime, it is our
weekend "workaway".  We travel out (3.5 hours away) to our bit of
land about once a month to work on the house and the land.  We
have furnished the house and filled the kitchen with necessary cooking
supplies -- just enough to make it our home away from home.  We
love it there and are waiting (not always patiently) for God to provide
the way (job for DH) for us to be able to move out there.  And
while we wait, we have plenty to do to make the house ready for our

When we move, we hope to raise chickens for eggs and
meat, and goats for milk.  We'd like to be able to raise some beef
for ourselves, as well.  One of our daughters dreams of raising
peacocks and we all are tempted by alpacas. Mom dreams of sheep, but
Dad seems opposed to that project.  We do raise Persians and will
continue to do that when we move there.  Of course, we'll have to
move first and see how much of our dreams are really practical on 7
acres.  Of course, we have alot of brush cleanup and some wood
clearing to do before we can add too many grazing animals.  And we
are always brainstorming ideas of how we can turn a profit from our
land and buildings.

I'm sure we have alot to learn as we embark on this new adventure in our lives.

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