Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More sickness and last week's prenatal

I've been sick again.  I think
today makes 2 weeks.  Minimal school has been getting done while I
sit and cough and cough and cough and cough.  a 30 and 31 week
pregnant belly can get REEEAAAALLLYYYY sore from all that coughing, you
know.  Ouch!!  My new niece was born 1 week ago today, and I
haven't been able to go see her at all.  She was in NICU for
awhile and I haven't been able to see her or my SIL, for fear of
getting them sick.  Hopefully they both will get to come home

I saw the midwife last Thursday and met her new
assistant/apprentice.  That was nice.  I like her assistant
alot.  It was a shorter prenatal, as their next appointment was
waiting in the living room most of the time and she only scheduled me
for 1/2 hour instead of 1 whole hour this time.

Let's see:
lost 1/2 lb since before Christmas -- probably from being sick so much
BP 120/74 which is better than previous visits
baby's heart rate ranging from 130 to 150
Measured right on at 30.5 cm
Baby is head down, but was a bit transverse (diagonal) that day ... and is posterior ... with his/her spine against mine.
Tiny bit of protein in my urine sample, but not enough to be of concern

Anyway, now I'm on my 2 week visits, so I actually go back a week from
today.  I'm sure my midwife would like to see some weight gain
this time. So far, I'd only gained 5 lbs and then lost 1/2 a lb. 
I gained 24 lbs with the last one, though, and even more with the one
before that.

I'm starting to feel better today  (although
the cough still lingers -- ow!) and I think it's time to get back in
the school groove again.  Do more than the bare minimum.  :)

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  1. Great update, April. It's so nice to catch up with you. I've wondered how your pregnancy was going.

    BTW, I only gained 8 pounds with my 4th son.

    Lisa Michele


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