Tuesday, January 3, 2006

New Year, back to school!

Today is our first day back to school
since the Christmas break!  We had a great vacation visiting
family.  And it was nice to have Daddy with us for so many days,
but now it's back to work for him and us.  

This year I want to read to the children more.  We have so many
great books and I have gotten out of the habit of reading aloud, other
than our unit study books.  My goals for this year are for us to
be more diligent in our school work and house work ... but also for us
to embrace learning in many other ways.  And one of those ways is
through reading great books!

A portion of our remaining school
year will be much more relaxed and life-learning focused when the baby
arrives.  In the past I have always considered this a "time off"
and not counted it as school days at all.  But I find myself
challenging that thought-process this time.  I'm thinking of all
the learning the children do through reading and thinking of what other
activities I can direct easily while nursing a newborn that would be
learning related. 

I need to give this more thought,
discuss it with my husband, and do some planning ahead -- make a list
of activities that can be educational so that when I'm wandering around
in a tired postpartum haze I have something to refer to when my brain
can't think of any ideas.

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  1. You're right, there are so many things that your children can learn from other than "official" activities. Making a plan before your new bundle arrives will be a big help. Great books, educational videos, self-directed projects, learning games...there are so many possibilities. Just having your little ones help out around the house and with the new baby is teaching them valuable life skills.

    God bless you as you seek Him!



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