Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Putting off our trip to the farm

We were supposed to have gone to the "farm" this past weekend, but I've
been sick.  I was encouraging Steve to go without me this time, but he
didn't really want to.  Then he came home from the store one evening to
find me gasping and wheezing between coughs and decided he shouldn't
leave me home alone.  So he stayed home to baby me, which was really
nice since he had Monday off, too.  
I'm starting to feel a bit better, although still coughing alot and
still having a sore throat.  The new plan is to go to the farm this
Friday night and Saturday.  I don't think we are going to stay through
Sunday this time, though.  We don't want to have to find replacements
for our church responsibilities.

We have a load of stuff to
take out there to store, we have to retrieve our John Deer lawn tractor
from the repair shop, and we are going to be bringing back an extra set
of table and chairs we have out there for someone else who needs them. 
This time of year we won't be mowing or anything. And I don't have any
big indoor plans ... not going to pull carpet or mop floors this time. 
There are still some cleaning projects, like the kitchen cabinet doors
and the shower stall, that need working on.  But I'm not sure my cough
will be well enough to stand breathing in the cleaning fumes this
weekend.  We'll see.

We will stop in to visit Grandma at the
nursing home ... as we always do.  We have Christmas gifts to give her
that we weren't able to give her last month since we travelled to see
my family this year.

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