Monday, January 9, 2006

Uh oh! Nesting has hit


I usually do the majority of my nesting in the second trimester.  This time I didn't really do anything during my second trimester and so January began with panic as I realized my great big long list was still undone and it was already the start of my third trimester.  But I soon overcame the overwhelmed lethargy and nesting hit full force late last week.  I nested all weekend, to my husband's amusement.

Unfortunately, now I have a problem.  My nesting desires struggling with my desires not to fall behind in homeschooling.  I have to find a balance.  We ended up not getting much school done last week.   The children did their independent work, but we didn't get to our unit studies.  Of course, that was compounded by the older girls and I getting hit with another cold midweek.

I do have ALOT to do to get ready for the baby.  And actually alot of it needs to be done before the midwife makes her "home visit" in five weeks.  Then it has to be maintained until the baby is born in about ten weeks, when my family will also be visiting.

But we also need to continue with our schooling.  I've been trying to decide how best to go about this.  To just keep pressing on and pushing myself to do both?  To drop down to a more relaxed schooling method already?  To plan 4 days of schoolwork and one of "life skills" housework with the children each week?  To only do my heavy nesting on the weekends?   I am still not sure.

But today we will do our schoolwork.  I'd like to at least finish the Prairie Primer unit we've already started ... The Long Winter.  After that, I can decide again I guess. 

The children were given some really great books for Christmas that will help our relaxed schooling days still be educational.  They now own all the HOlling C. Holling books.  Geography and nature study anyone?    And they were also given some of the Christian Heroes Then and Now books.  History, Christian Faith, and geography anyone?    I think I'd like to read those aloud or trade off me reading aloud with the older girls reading aloud.   Perhaps after we finish our current Prairie Primer unit we can switch to just reading these great books aloud for awhile. That should also be easier to continue after the baby is born.

And we have some good educational science videos, as well.  We still have the Creation series we have not yet watched (3 videos).  I intended the children to watch those as "science" when I was postpartum with M, but it didn't happen.  Well, 2 years later and now they can watch them.  And we have the new March of the Penguins DVD as well.  We have watched it once, but I'm sure they could be convinced to rewatch it sometime. And we also have Blue Planet recorded off PBS that the children all enjoy watching occasionally. 

The younger children received some great books, as well.  They have several anthologies now that I know they'd love to have me read to them from each day.  And all the children received new board games for Christmas.  We rarely make time for board games, but learning does happen while playing such games.  I think as long as their time is well-employed with reading, being read to, educational videos, and educational games (board and computer)  we can definitely count our days as school after the baby is born ... and on those days pre-baby that Mom gets sucked into nesting.  The trick will be keeping them all directed toward worthwhile pursuits instead of aimlessly wandering around wasting time, fighting, and such.

Sorry, I'm rambling as I try to sort this all out.  For now, I'd better get up and get busy.


  1. when is your due date again?

    Happy nesting!!

  2. Kim, my due date is March 19th. I'm 30 weeks along now. I see the midwife Thursday and will post an update after that appointment. :-)

  3. But isn't nesting fun? LOL

    I would just do school very lightly right now, and let the children nest along with you.

  4. Oh! I forgot about the Holling C Holling books. How about writing a complete list of the books your children got? I love finding new books recommended by other homeschooling families.

  5. Hmm. Maybe with the *next* one I'll have some nesting urges ((:shake))

    Glad you were able to get SOME done; balance is difficult, but I'm sure you'll manage something :)




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