Wednesday, February 22, 2006

36 weeks and counting ...

Only 25 days until my duedate!!  I
ordered my birthkit yesterday after my midwife appointment!  As of
Sunday, we'll be "all clear" on having a homebirth.  I'll be 37
weeks and that's the "safety point" my midwife looks for.  Of
course, I've never had one early unless it was induced early, so I
don't expect to have a baby until mid-March.

The midwife appointment went well yesterday.  Gained 4 lbs in 2
weeks, measured right on target, active baby is head down.  My
blood pressure was better than it has been, thanks to the extra flax
seed oil and Evening Primrose Oil I added.  I was taking 1000 mg
flax seed oil already, but I added another 1000 mg and also 1500 mg
EPO.  It's kind of funny, I"m taking 18 pills a day now:  6
prenatals, 2 Flax Seed, 3 EPO, 2 alfalfa, 2 acidophilus, 2
calcium/magnesium, and one vitamin C all washed down by 3 tall glasses
of iced Red Raspberry Leaf tea.  Thankfully that's spread out over
3 meals and bedtime, though. I'll be glad once baby gets here and I can
drop alot of those supplements.  I'll do it gradually, but I'll
probably go back to just a single dose prenatal and a flax seed oil in
the long run ... and vitamin C when I think I need it.

I set up the bassinet last week in our living room.  Of course, it
looks a little funny with the aluminum foil in there.  Aluminum
foil!?!  Yes, aluminum foil.  It looks funny, but it
works!!  It keeps the cat out.  I also lined the changing
table pad with aluminum foil to break her of the habit of jumping up
there to nap, too.  I either set the foil aside to change the
2yo's diaper, or change it on the floor.

Hmmm.  I guess it's time to focus on some deep cleaning and decluttering around here. 

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  1. I read your post about getting ready for your little one! It brings back lots of memories! I had our last one at home with a midwife. I totally love homebirth! I used Lori Link as my midwife- just wondering if you've heard of her since you're from the midwest! We live in Missouri. I hope your birth goes very easy and well! God bless you for being so transparent on your blog! It really helps the rest of us people who aren't perfect either! :) Blessings, Stephanie


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