Thursday, February 2, 2006

Afternoon encouragement ...

At Christmas, I was shopping for CD's
for my extended family as gifts.  But we ended up getting several
as gifts to our own family, as well.  One that I chose for
ourselves and really enjoy is Kathy Troccoli's "Draw Me Close: songs of

It's a quiet mix of worship songs and
hymns.  The type my church always moves to right before prayer
time.  My oldest daughter just complained that it wasn't upbeat
enough.  I told her sometimes we need to listen to calm music,
especially to help us calm our hearts before the Lord. 

I'm pregnant and admittedly extra emotional right now, but the first
song "Come just as you are" brought me to tears as I filled the
dishwasher this afternoon.  I need to come to Him much more often
than I do.  And I'm so thankful for His grace that accepts me,
just as I am.  Ugly warts -- I mean faults -- and all.  I
think I'll listen to this CD alot more often as I go about my work --
to help me focus back on Him.


  1. I use to listen to quiet worship music, nearly 24/7. Now, hardly at all. A lot of that is attributed to much of my music getting damaged over the last 5 years. Your song choices sound lovely.


  2. I think I know this song .... and yes quiet music is so soothing and makes me sometimes want to stop and just lift my hands in praise. Is it "Come just as you are.... come and see..... love everlasting..... strength for today..... " wow it has been awhile since I heard that. I am not sure I have the words right. Lately, I have liked a praise song that goes "How Great is Our God, sing with me, How Great is our God.... " something about those songs... thanks for sharing~




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