Friday, February 10, 2006

Busy helpers ...

Hmm.  It must be "bless Mom and Dad" day today.  For some
reason, my children got the "cleaning bug" today.  They did their
schoolwork and their chores, and then went on to do other things not on
their chore list.  Every now and then this sweet helpfulness comes
over them, and I'm always thankful for it.  It helps to balance
out the days I'm having to be "drill seargant Mom" with a figurative
bullhorn, cracking the whip all day just to get the basics done. 
So, thank you, God, for this grace note of blessing in my home today.


  1. Now that is a bug I wish my children would be afflicted by. You are a blessed Mum, my friend.


  2. That's never happened to me. You *are* blessed! Enjoy it, hold it close to your heart, and pull it out on those other kind of days.



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