Friday, February 10, 2006

Exploding bookshelves!!

My 8 yo daughter just informed me that the bookcase in the hallway is
just too full!  I'm sure no one else has that problem.  

We have so many bookcases, and they're all packed to overflowing. 
There are two bookcases in our kitchen/dining room.  There are two
bookcases in the hallway.  There is a bookcase in the living room,
and one in our master bedroom.  And each of the 2 children's rooms
has a row of books on one shelf in their room. Not to mention that the
headboard of one of our beds is a bookshelf packed full of paperback

The bookshelf in my bedroom is double packed!  That makes finding
books fun at times.  ;)  The bookshelf in the living room and
kitchen have books standing upright, with books laying on top of the
upright books.   Our bookshelves are exploding!!  And we
have books stacked on top of bookshelves, on end tables, and on the
floor next to the bookshelves.

Yet, I can't bring myself to get rid of most of these books.  Once
a year, I do sit down to weed out twaddle we've collected.  In
order to make room for children's books, school books, and other
reference books I've given away alot of my own fiction books.  I
have to do this to make room for the new books we've been given at
birthdays, and new books we've bought for our school library.

Yet the problem persists.  I guess it isn't a bad problem to
have.  Maybe we can start stacking up books to use as end
tables.  Is it any wonder that one of our favorite children's picture books is The Library
by Sarah Stewart, illustrated by David Small?  If you love books
as much as our family does, your children might enjoy reading this
book.  Or maybe Mom should check it out just for herself.  I

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  1. I can relate... in fact, I just finished going through the kids' books to weed out twaddle. The books can breathe again. LOL


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