Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Haircuts and curriculum

I'm doing a hodgepodge post.  Call it potpourri, I guess. 

I gave 2 of my 3 men haircuts yesterday.  DH and oldest son were
seriously in need of haircuts.  Well, the 5 yo more than the
hubby.  But they sure do look handsome today!!  I was tired
and I didn't want to do it.   
It was 9 pm and I just wanted the children to all go to bed.  But
they were wanting to watch Sasha Cohen skate and DH wanted
haircuts.  So I did my best to swallow my grouchiness and give the
men haircuts while the girls were imitating the figure skaters all over
the living room and the 2 yo marched around in his brand new too big
pair of cowboy boots.  Hmm.  Thinking about it, my two men
are lucky they aren't bald today.  

We are late night people.  DH and I are usually awake until
midnight, and sometimes later.  And we keep our children up later
than many families, so they get to have more time with Daddy.  The
only time this isn't so is when I'm pregnant.  I tend to fall
asleep in the evenings during my first and third trimesters.  But
in the third trimester, I also start putting the children to bed
earlier.  I've been noticing that in the past 2 weeks I've been
starting bedtime routines earlier and earlier.  After all, if
Mommy's tired they must be, too, right?  Kind of like if Mommy's
cold, everyone needs a sweater on.    Thankfully, my poor children are rather understanding about Mommy's fatigue-created delusions. 

Oh, wait ... I'm rambling again. 

Curriculum!! My second point.  We are anxiously awaiting the
arrival of a used copy of Tapestry of Grace year one.  We're
making the switch and are all very excited about it.    Kind of a weird time to switch curriculums ... almost Spring and a new
due very soon ... but oh well!  Since we quit the Prairie Primer,
we had to do something to finish out the year.  And I decided
rather than continue on with another volume of Beyond FIAR  to go
ahead and start Tapestry of Grace now instead of in the Fall.  We
have about 10 more lessons in our current volume of Beyond FIAR. 
I'm hoping Tapestry arrives in time for the end of this Beyond FIAR
book.  If not, I know we have plenty of things we can read and
study to fill in the gap. 

I wonder if I'm crazy to
just plan to jump into Tapestry right away.  I know there's a 4
week fog when you start Tapestry.  I'm planning to dive right into
that fog w/o taking time to study the curriculum or figure it out and
plan ahead.  Oh well!  We'll take it easy at first.   And if we get overwhelmed, should arrive just in time to give us a break.  And in my spare time after arrives, I can look at Tapestry more closely and figure it out better.   Right?


  1. when you put your children to bed earlier, do they go to sleep earlier? do they wake earlier? or do they just stay up later in their own beds? Or sleep more?

  2. FOr the most part, they still lay awake an hour (or more) after they are in bed. But they are in bed and not out in the living room with grouchy tired Mommy. *blush* My children just don't fall asleep well at any time. They often are awake in bed for an hour or more at night. We have to put up the baby gate, too, because I can't convince the 2 yo to go to bed earlier and he goes back to their rooms to play if we aren't careful.

    But when I say earlier ... I'm talking putting them in bed at 9 or 9:30 instead of the 10-11 pm range. And it's nice and dark by then this time of year. It would be harder in summer, I know.

    At the moment, we're fighting off viruses left and right, though, and I've been surprised at how fast they have fallen asleep some nights. They sleep about the same amount of time they usually do. Possibly waking a bit earlier, but not by much. I'm the one who is waking up earlier and earlier. I deal with this the last 6 weeks of every pregnancy. Too uncomfy to sleep longer, even if I am still tired.

  3. I know you are her friend. Did she delete some of her recent posts? I really liked the one on Taking a Break from Blogging. But now it's not there. Can you help?


  4. I still see her posts, including the one about giving up the internet. So I don't know. She's added two above it, though.

  5. When I go to UnschoolingMama's site the latest date I see is 1/7/06. Hmmm....think I'll restart the computer tomorrow and try again! Thanks for letting me know that it's just me! Ü

  6. I believe that her blog is set so only registered (and logged in) users can view it. Were you logged in? Or did you bookmark a certain page of her blog? Check to see if you have anything after her blog name in the URL. It should just be


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