Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Moving on ... to Beyond FIAR

Today I started Betsy Ross with the
girls.  It's the final book in Beyond Five In A Row, volume
1.  It's from the Childhood of Famous Americans series.  

The girls really enjoyed the change of pace.  We discussed some of
the topics in the teacher's manual, and then I gave them a writing
assignment.  I kind of expected them to drag their feet, since
they often say writing is sooo hard.  But they didn't!  They
each had to write a short story (2-3 paragraphs in length) in first
person.  R just finished her story, and she's very excited about
it.  A is still not to the story climax yet, so she's still busily
and happily writing.  Tomorrow they will convert their story into
2nd person and then 3rd person. 

We decided not to
finish the Prairie Primer lessons for The Long Winter.  We'll
finish reading the book in the evenings instead.  The girls and I
are all glad to move on.  And I'm so glad to see them writing so
cheerfully and so much.  A is often the one who gives me 3 sentence essay answers.   
R is about the same, but she is younger.  So, when R gives me a
1/2 page long story and A is at 2/3 page and still unfinished ... Mommy
does a happy dance!!


  1. Way to go girls and way to go mama! Glad you all are excited about school again!

  2. So glad you could make a decision you are all so obviously thrilled with. Way to go girls!!!

  3. Sounds like everyone is happy to be moving on.

    It's always a joy when they become inspired to write...or at least here it is. That one's like pulling teeth...


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