Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Mystery of the Sticking Door ...

My bedroom door.  I went to bed
Monday night and it was closing just fine.  It doesn't latch, but
it closes.  And then if you just push on it, it flies open. 
I woke up Tuesday morning and the door will barely close.  In
fact, several short people in this house can NOT shut it. They try, to
pull it shut, but it just bounces back open.  It takes a good
strong push (from inside) or pull (from outside) to shut it.  Of
course, the good thing is the cat can no longer bump it open.  The
bad part is 2 yo M can't open it now.  Well, if he's inside he can
pull it open, but if he's outside he can't push it open.  And the
worst part is he can't shut it at all.  Which greatly upsets him
since he knows it's supposed to be shut.  (When
he can't shut it, he sits and cries.)  Of course, it's irritating
that I have to continually go shut it again and chase the cat out of
our room.

So, how does this happen overnight?  We're used
to it being hard to open/close in summer and easy to open/close in
winter.  But it's still winter.  And there wasn't a great
temperature shift.  Steve says the house must have settled
overnight.  That greatly!?!?  What could cause that?

(I love this guy! hee hee)

Perhaps we had a minor earthquake here in the Prairies of Kansas.  Or maybe not. 

Somewhere out there, I bet there's a Homeschool Mom or Dad who can
solve this great mystery for me.  I wonder if they'll read my
blog.  Probably not.  Anyone with a possible theory can feel
free to post it.

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  1. Well, it's an 'open' and 'shut' case ;o) . . .. that's just weird!


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