Monday, February 13, 2006

Soft blankets and pretty towels

Last week I had to make several hooded
towels for others.  One lady whom I'd once made a hooded towel for
as a baby gift had asked me to sew 3 others for her to give as baby
gifts.  (She had already bought the supplies.)  That reminded
me that I hadn't made one for my new 1 month old niece yet.  So I
headed off to pick out a towel, 2 matching wash cloths, and some
coordinating washable ribbon to make a hooded towel for my niece.

As I headed out the door, my husband asked me to get supplies to sew
one for the baby we're expecting in March.  I told him I really
wanted to wait to make it so I could make it gender
specific.   To be honest, I'm so hoping for a girl this time,
that if it is a girl I just wanted to be able to make pink and purple
stuff with flowers again.  We had 3 girls in a row, followed by
two boys in a row, and I'm ready for pink again.

But when I
got to the store, I just fell in love with a beautiful soft sage green
set of towels.  So I grabbed those and went looking for a
coordinating gender neutral ribbon.  I found a fish print ribbon
that I thought was cute.  If this baby is a girl, I won't mind her
using a sage green towel with fish ribbon.  It certainly isn't as
feminine as the purple towel with floral ribbon I made my niece,
but  I really do like it.  The green is so pretty.

As I was sewing the baby's hooded towel I found myself wishing I'd
bought blanket making supplies after all.  But I'd not bought any
fabric to make this baby's blanket for the same reason I didn't want to
buy the towels.  I debated over this as I was sewing.  I'd
already bought the baby's special soft teddy bear -- in yellow.  I
was sewing a sage green hooded towel with fish ribbon.  Did I
really want a gender neutral blanket, as well?

I squashed
the sewing urge for a couple days ... until I washed the completed
hooded towel.  When it came out of the dryer and I was folding it
to put it away, I just knew I needed to start sewing the baby's blanket
as well.  I even rationalized that if it was a girl and I changed
my mind and decided to make a pink blanket, I could put this one away
to give as a baby gift to someone else someday.

So the next
time I had to go to the store, I found myself in the fabric department
admiring the flannel.  I was looking for a blue cloud print
flannel.  Our bassinet skirt is a blue cloud print seersucker my
Mom made.  When I got there, though, there were two blue cloud
prints ... one with stars and one without.  But what I really fell
in love with was a baby blue flannel with navy/white sheep all over

I looked at the girly flannels there and asked
myself if I'd really prefer one of those for the baby, if it's a
girl.  I decided that nothing there really was that appealing to
me, so I bought the sheep flannel.  Sometime this week I'll sit
down for half an hour and whip out a simple blanket for the baby. 
And then I'll get to wash it and fold it and put it away in a safe
place.  I can't wait! 

I've already washed the
cloth diapers and put them away.  I've already washed all the
newborn gender neutral clothes, and some for each gender, and put them
away.  Of course, after I finish the blanket, I'll be back to
twiddling my thumbs with nothing else fun to prepare to do.  Well,
I can get out the bassinet, wash its skirt, and set it up.  But
I'm trying to make myself wait another two weeks before I do that.

All that's left is the not so fun stuff ... the actual cleaning!! 
Although I will get to order my birthkit sometime in the next 2 weeks,
and then I'll get the fun of waiting for its delivery!! 

But that's just not as fun as smelling and feeling brand new soft
towels and blankets I've made for the baby we're so anxiously


  1. i loved that you described preparing for the baby and sewing for him/her. i love those baby preparation days. when my last one was a boy, first two girls, it was very hard to get in the boy mood. but now i think it would be hard to get in the girl mood again. i enjoyed reading that.

  2. Can you tell me how you make your hooded towels....please? ;o) I'm going to make one for a friend and I've seen two different patterns online. One with the washcloth/hood in the corner and one with it in the center. I'm not sure which way is best.


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