Monday, March 13, 2006

Winding down ...

This is our wind-down week.  I'll
finish the last two chapters of the older girls' Beyond FIAR
book.  I'm not going to start a FIAR book with my 6 yo this
week.  We're going to just do our math, handwriting, phonics,
grammar, spelling, lots of reading, etc. this week.  We may do
some fun geography stuff and some extra nature study. We're not going
to start any big projects or any new studies since we don't know when
the baby will arrive.  We're 6 days from my due date, so we're
winding down. 

Extra focus will be made to keep the house "company ready" this week.
We'll all be working harder to keep things nice and orderly and stay
ahead of our chores.

After the baby comes, we'll be taking a school break.  I know
learning will continue via games and reading and life, but not planned
lessons.  I'll do my best to get educational videos for the
children to watch and direct them toward educational games and good
living books while I'm on maternity leave, also.  And then there
is always the life learning and character lessons we'll all be gaining
as we adjust to another new family member.

We'll resume official school at the beginning of May ... possibly toward the end of April.


  1. How are you feeling? Are ya ready? I'm a little nervous about more time off from school when baby comes! I'm nesting and sooo happy to be getting some things done! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. How are you feeling? You've had a really rough pregnancy.

    I'm feeling fine. Really, this is the best pregnancy overall that I've had. Less pains and aches and swelling at the end than three of them, and less morning sickness than the other two. It's been a real blessing!

    We've always taken time off after the baby comes, and we started school in July to be ready for this very thing. We may have to go into June a bit due to some unexpected days off, but that's not that unusual for us, either.

    I'm more nervous about adjusting to tandem nursing for the first time -- managing evenings and bedtimes.


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