Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Am I invisible?

I cut 3-4 inches off my hair yesterday
MORNING and Steve did not notice last night.  I didn't tell him,
either.  I'm waiting to see how long it takes.  Maybe when he
carries out trash tomorrow he'll see the hair in the bathroom trash
can.  Or maybe not. 

Hmm ... does this mean he's not really looking at me? 

Ha!  I just found out my children didn't notice, either! They were
home with me all day yesterday!!  I said something about Steve not
noticing and they said, "You cut your hair?!?!" 

Am I invisible?  Apparently, no one ever looks at me!! 


  1. LOL That's what would happen here too. *nod*


  2. That last comment was from me :)


  3. it's that it isn't a *drastic* difference. I had a friend cut about 6" off the length of my hair once and dh had no clue. It was still "long" so it didn't 'register' to him. Men need more than 3-6" for it to register LOL!! And I have to admit, there are times my dh has had HIS cut - which makes a more obvious difference - and not noticed it myself.


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