Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Curriculum dilemma -- starting school again

I'm about ready to start school up again
after Baby L's birth.  She's 3 weeks old now and I want to start
at least some of our subjects up again next week.  We're all ready
to get back in the swing of things. 

But now I can't decide what to do.  I was supposed to start up
Tapestry of Grace for the first time.  But a friend was asking me
about FIAR volume 4 and how I liked it.  We only used it one
semester and have only "rowed" the books once.  As I was telling
her how much we enjoyed it and liked the book selections, I started
wanting to "row" them again.  So I started thinking about using
FIAR vol. 4 now through the end of summer, then starting Tapestry of
Grace in the Fall.

I figured it'd be an easier curriculum for me postpartum since I"ve
used it before.  Plus it would give me all summer to get my mind
wrapped around how to use Tapestry of Grace, and plan it out.  I
would have to "beef up" the FIAR a bit for my oldest daughter, though.

But, my children are all excited about starting Tapestry of Grace,
especially since they know it begins with the Egyptian study.  And
I did go ahead and buy it so I could start it now. 

I don't know what to do.  Go with what's easy and what kind of
interests me at the moment -- even if I'm just being sentimental? 
Or go with what I had originally planned and what is interesting my
children -- even if it's a bit scary and new to me?

I guess I should start praying about it and also ask the school
principal what he thinks we should do.  When I mentioned it to him
the other day, he seemed to approve of the FIAR plan, but he didn't say
"Do it."  He also didn't realize how excited the children are
about the Tap. of Grace plan, though.  So, Mr. Principal and I
need to have a more in-depth discussion and I need to be praying for
him/us to have wisdom before then. 

I hate decisions!    I'm told I overthink them. 

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