Monday, April 10, 2006

Cutting your own long hair ...

I am the hair stylist in the family. In the
last 5 years, I have learned to use clippers and scissors to cut my
husband and two sons' hair.  I have been cutting the girls' bangs
and hair since they were teeny tiny.  I'd watched my Mom do it for
years, and had even trimmed my Mom's hair for her when I was a teen ...
simple blunt bob cut.  I've even hacked at my own hair.  I
trim my own bangs, and I used to give myself my own bob cut, sometimes
straight across if it was above my collar, and sometimes a longer
u-shaped cut, by pulling half over each shoulder and cutting straight

But then I grew my hair out.  I still cut my bangs, but I've
relied on my husband, Steve, to trim the back of my hair a few times
each year -- a straight across cut.  It seems that by the time my
hair gets to waist length, the bottom 3 inches are actually so full of
split ends and so uneven, that we cut off 3 inches or so and take it
back to mid-back length.

Well, I knew my split ends were getting quite bad, but riding in the
car Saturday I was examining them in that sunlight and was shocked at
how bad they are.  Many many hairs with multiple splits.  And
splits much higher up that just break off.  So, Steve and I
decided it was time for a new trim.  But I was thinking I wanted
it u-shaped this time instead of straight across.  And I wasn't
sure I could trust my husband to angle it up evenly.

So I went to this website I've seen before to learn how to cut my own
hair.  I've used the pony tail method before to do a blunt cut,
but had since then found it easier to let Steve do it.  This time
I used the u-shaped method.  Turns out I'd been doing that
unknowingly back when my hair was shorter.

I just thought some other stay at home Moms out there could benefit
from learning to cut their own hair and save that money they'd have to
give a hair stylist to do it.  It  has a written set of
instructions, as well as step by step photos to illustrate!  It's
really very simple.  Of course, you'll have to decide if you
prefer to trim while wet or dry.  I prefer trimming wet hair since
my waves are harder to control once dry.  But the slight waves I
have, also hide any mistakes I make.  Those with straight hair may
need to have someone else (husband, friend, or oldest child) trim off
any unevenness after you're done.


  1. WHY don't my links end up clickable? I've tried to use the URL button to do it, and it doesn't work.

  2. I'm so glad you posted that link -- I had Feye's old one and it doesn't work anymore and last time I looked I couldn't find an updated/current one! Yay!

    So how short did you trim? Did you take pix?

    Should I check the hair board? :-D


  3. It's back to br*-length. And no there aren't any pictures at the hair board. I haven't been there in ages. :-) I left comments to you at your blog and at OreoSouza's, btw. LOL!! Will you come back to read this or will I have to email you, I wonder. :-)

    Oh, and one nice thing is the trim brought out my waviness again since it's not so long/heavy and also healthier. :-)

  4. I came back! LOL!

    I'm a lot less present on the hair board, but pop in every few weeks.

    I'll have to go see what you said to me at Oreo's place. :)

    I always like to see pictures of your hair -- and yay for your elusive waves reappearing, LOL! Are you going to try to coax them to be curls again? ;-)


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