Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Library Gluttony

Yesterday I took my children to the
public library.  I left the 3 week old baby (Just fed) and the 2
yo with Daddy, but I took the other 4.  We had 40 minutes before
the library was closing.

I discovered a new sin at the
library:  library gluttony!  We always check out alot of
books ... with a large family and avid readers, it's unavoidable. 
But last night we exceeded all previous visits!!

First, I made
the mistake of going to the videos with my 5 yo son while the girls
went to the children's book section.  Three children selected
videos, plus I picked out several family videos and one for Steve that
he wanted to watch.  I think our final total of videos was
I confess, I was the glutton there as it seemed they suddenly had a
ton  of new videos.  While I was there, the girls kept
bringing stacks of books to my bags

Second, I made the mistake
of using bags that were too large, and leaving them unattended while I
was in the children's book section.  I saw some of what went in
the bags, but not all.  I was seeking out some books for our
homeschool start-up and I was helping my older girls use the computers
to locate books that interested them, and teaching them about the Dewey
decimal system.  While my back was turned, the books in our bags
just multiplied like rabbits!!

Suddenly, we're ten minutes
from the library closing and they're starting to turn out some of the
lights.  I walk over to my bags and realize they're LOADED down
and there's not time to sort stuff out.

We left that library
with 3 bags so full that it took two children to carry one bag together
while I carried two myself ... way too heavy!! 

59 books
and 12 videos!!   Plus we already had 18 books at home that are
due in a week.  I truly was embarrassed about our book and video
gluttony as we checked out and as we struggled to carry these bags to
our car.  Unfortunately, the librarians all left at the same time
we did, so they got to see our struggle. 

I am so glad
my children love to read, but I think it's time to set "book limits"
for each child.  Like 5 books each.  That seems like so few,
but if I let them each get 10 books, we'll be taking 40+ home!! 

And I need to limit myself in the video section, even if there are lots
of new videos that interest me.  I didn't get any books for myself
this time, since I knew I wouldn't have time to read right now -- with
a fussy newborn, a needy toddler, and homeschool gearing back up.

Oh the embarrassment of library gluttony!!  Perhaps it's time to
invest in one of those boxes on wheels I see others using at homeschool


  1. LOL~LOVE your library gluttony! HA HA!

    We did the castor oil with all three labors, but my midwife now has this new German drink that I've heard ROCKS! We'll most likely see... LOL!

    I would be SO HONORED for you to start your own Friday SiLLiNeSS! posts!!!!!

    (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. It is great to see that we arent the only library gluttons! :o)

    It was good to see you on my blog. Thanks for adding me to your friends.


  3. When I was a young teen, our local library had a 10-book-per-person limit. They always waived that for us, though, and we regularly checked out 20 at a time each... and brought them back in 3-4 days, usually LOL


  4. We do that just about every week.

    Libraries ROCK!


  5. I am so glad we are not the only library gluttons! LOL! Our librarians are very supportive. They are actially thrilled! They go over each book and go on and on about what great selections my children have made.

    Just make sure they all get returned. Especially the videos. Ask me how I know. *blush*

    Julie in MI

  6. We've been guilty of library gluttony often...

    right now I have about 50 books out, and 6-7 movies. Our library has a limit on movies, though. You can only check out 5VHS and 5DVD..still, 10 movies at a time and you can have them maximum of a week.

    I've been taking advantage of our interlibrary loan thing, and finding them and putting them on hold online. Well, you really can't tell much about a book without looking at it...so often times we have 10+books come in to our small local library, and they go back at the next visit because they were not what we wanted.


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