Monday, April 24, 2006

One Year Anniversary

We're approaching the 1st anniversary of owning our
little homestead, and it feels as if we have not accomplished much out
there.  I suppose that's to be expected when you're only going one
weekend a month, with 5 children, visits to Grandma in the nursing
home, and trips into town to buy ice.  But it is somewhat discouraging.

So I typed up what we have done and it helped soothe my disappointment somewhat.

Pulled up old ugly deteriorating carpet in two rooms
Cleaned ALL wood floors and the two tile floors
Cleaned kitchen
Cleaned bathroom
Lots more mowing
Cut down misbehaving trees and brush (lots more to do)
Burned Brush Pile
Hauled away trailer full of metal junk from trees including a deep freeze (Lots more to haul away)
Bought used chain saw
Bought used riding mower
Repaired both -- twice
Bought used push mower in meantime
Repaired push mower
Furnished house and kitchen
Bought used fridge
Re-cleaned floors
Tidied house before leaving every time

working on cleaning years of dirt/grime on cabinet fronts and shower
walls, though -- and have not yet cleaned basement other than sweeping)

We also made less frequent trips during the cold months.  We'll be
going out for the first mowing of the season next weekend.  Although,
it will have to be a fast trip due to needing to be at our local church
on Sunday for church business.  And I won't get to go along with Steve
and all the children. 

The youngest ones and I will stay
home with our pregnant Persian.  She birthed a week early in her last
pregnancy, and this weekend will be 1 week from her duedate. I do not
want to risk her birthing without us here.  This will actually be her
first litter we deliver.  We bought her and her kittens when they were
one week old last time.

It's hard.  I want to go to the
homestead with my family, but I don't want to risk losing any kittens,
either.  So, I'll stay home ... just in case.


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