Saturday, April 1, 2006

Pretty baby dresses in my closet ...

It's been nearly 7 years since I saw
that sight.  C will turn 7 in 2 months and she was our last
girl.  It's such a sweet sweet sight to see all those tiny dresses
hanging next to mine.  I've missed that sight.  I do admit it
was nice to have a break from trying to find modest dresses and skirts
for little girls.  Altough during that time, I did collect a few
nice jumpers and dresses "just in case".  But I'm glad to be back
to dresses and ribbons and bows again.  And thankfully, she's not
too far behind the season her last sister was born in.  So
hopefully she won't need too many new things.


  1. I'm so excited for you! I'm glad you're enjoying your girl. :)

  2. *THANK YOU!* for checking on me! We're due April 7th~that's less than a week!!! We are expecting to go late as usual though. I LOVED your birth story, and yet I admittedly am not excited about the hard work! Still pounding those scriptures and affirmations and concentrating on the picture in my mind's eye of me holding our wee blessing! (((((HUGS))))) and how are YOU? ~sandi

  3. I'll be praying. I'm feeling fine. Still a few lingering aches and pains, but some of that is recovery from the pregnancy more than the actual labor. Mostly I'm tired. More than I expected to be or remember being with the others. Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe I'd just forgotten. :-)


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