Monday, April 24, 2006

Sadness in our church family

Our Pastor resigned without notice this
weekend, due to some personal family issues.  I believe he and his
family will be moving back to where their extended family lives. 
And now the search for a new Pastor begins.  My husband is the
Church Board Secretary, so he will be the one working with our District
Superintendent to locate a new pastor and help run the church during
this time.  We will be hiring an Interim Pastor to preach and
shepherd the church in the meantime, however.

But to be
honest, the Pastor leaving, and the reasons for him leaving, are very
painful to our entire church.  We are sad at our loss, sad at the
situation, and sad for his family.  We are praying the church will
pull together during this time of transition and that Satan will not
use it as a tool to divide and destroy.  Or more accurately, since
we know he will try to divide and destroy, we are praying he will not
succeed and that God will place a wall of protection around our church
family.  We also pray that our church's testimony and witness in
the community will not be harmed during this time.

At the
moment, my husband and I  are feeling a deep grief and a great
burden of responsibility.  For one thing, we know we must not move
away to our homestead during this time.  So any possible "what
ifs" of moving this summer are put on hold.  We are committed to
stay until a new Pastor is in place, at the very least. 

Although we are sad and hurting, we know God will work this to the good
of our church family.  That God has a plan for our church and for
our family.  We are believing God will faithfully guide and
provide during this time -- for the church, and for our family.

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