Monday, April 24, 2006

Thrift store finds!! But first, a confession ... or two or three.

First of all, I must explain.  Our family has chosen to wear
dresses most of the time.  When we first began this journey 6
years ago, we were very strictly dresses only.  It was mostly my
leading, however, and my husband just agreed to go along with it.
  Over time, my husband grew to prefer us in dresses because he
felt they looked more feminine.

However, I have had more than one "dresses crises" where I wanted to
switch back to wearing pants.  There are a variety of reasons for
my "crises" but usually it revolves around my vanity and/or wanting to
fit in.  Vanity; because I feel I look thinner in pants (except
when pregnant).  Wanting to fit in; because at times I just want
to feel "normal". Sometimes, when I'm having a crisis, I can talk
myself out of it just fine.  Other times, I give in and wear
pants.  That usually helps cure me, because I find it doesn't
really change anything.  My crises are usually very short-lived.

But my husband's aquired preference has kept us in dresses
"mostly".  There are certain tasks and activities that my husband
feel are better handled in pants.  So we all have some, for those
tasks.  And if on occasion, we just want to wear pants, he does
not stop us.  But we all know that he prefers we wear dresses most
of the time, and we all try to do so ... most of the time.  But he
gives us alot of grace for our moments of crisis. 

Okay, so there is my first confession and explanation.  Now I can tell my story.

Friday,  my husband was going with  a group from our church
to a theme park.  He was planning to take our two oldest daughters
(age 9 and 10) who are now tall enough and old enough to ride most of
the roller coasters.  They've longed to go for several
years.  He told them they needed to wear pants that day. 
Thus arose the problem.

My daughters are very
contrasting.  The oldest is blonde, blue eyed, average height and
very very thin.  Too thin.  When we buy to fit her height,
everything is too loose.  Finding clothes that aren't too baggy,
and are long enough is hard ... whether it is skirts, dresses or
pants.  Dresses being baggy isn't too bad, and I can put a dart in
the back of elastic waisted skirts to make them fit her.  But
pants have to be on the slim side and then she has to wear a belt,
also.  She is built like I was at that age.  Despite being
average height, her arms and legs are actually just a bit longer than
average, which only adds to the length problems.  (A problem I
still have, although being too thin is no longer an issue.)

second daughter, is a brunette, with brown eyes, average height, but
she is husky and has legs that are a bit short for her height.  To
be honest, she has surpassed her older sister in weight.  And the
struggle with her is different.  Clothes that fit her in the torso
and waist are usually too long.  This can be managed more easily
in dresses and skirts, but is a bummer in jeans. 

we did our clothing switch a few weeks ago, she had tried on all the
hand-me-down jeans I had in the box.  Only one pair was
comfortable, she said.  And they were very long on her.  But
when she got dressed Friday morning and actually began to wear the
jeans for awhile, she said they hurt her waist.  Part of that was
adjusting to a non-elastic waist.  But they were tighter than we
prefer on her.  I wasn't surprised they were uncomfortable.

Steve told me to go to the thrift store to try to find her a larger
size of jeans.  Not wanting to give away the purpose of my trip
(in which case all children would have begged to go), I didn't take her
with me.  So at the thrift store, I could not find any pants in
the next size up, but did find several 2 sizes up.  I also bought
what I thought was a pair of carpenter style clam diggers/pedal pushers
in the same size.  I was thinking her older sister could wear
those in a year or two.   I was just hoping one of the four
pairs of pants would fit her.

Confession number two ...or is
it three?  I did not heed my husband's direction to only shop for
jeans for her.  He cautioned me that he did not want another $100
trip to the thrift store, as I had done this past Winter.  But,
against his wishes, I did go looking for clothes for myself.  I
tried on a denim jumper, several tops, and several pair of
pants.   Of all the items I tried on, only one top, one pair
of pants, and the jumper met my requirements. 

jumper was perfect!!  It's a straight cut, deep V neck, deep
armhole jumper.  I can nurse out the armholes easily, but if I
need a little more room, I can also unbutton the button at my waist on
either side.  I think it's very flattering, plus it's in great
shape.  It also has pretty jewel-toned floral embroidery along the
V-neck on the bodice.  It will be something I can wear to church
or around the community.  A versatile staple.  I will need to
reinforce the top of the slit in back that comes to my knees.  I
may even sew the top shut a tiny bit, so I don't have to worry when I
bend over.

Then I bought a pair of khaki pedal pushers. 
They come a couple inches above my ankles and are loose enough to be
modest in the hips/rear area, but not so loose that they are
unattractive.  I love them, and they will be a nice modest
alternative to shorts on the times that my husband wants us in pants
over the summer, or a modest alternative for me during one of my
"crises".  My only complaint is that they are not a darker
color.  I'll have to be somewhat careful of staining them. 
And I do need to sew a second button on at the waist.

then I got a slightly v-necked t-shirt that has thin stripes of white
and spring green.  Very bright and cheerful!  It's not a
nursing top, but it's the right length and fit for nursing.  Not
so long you sit on it and have to tug it out to nurse, and not so short
you fear raising your arms.  It's loose enough to easily lift to
nurse in, but not baggy.  And it's not navy!!  Too many of my
shirts are navy blue. 

I was in a hurry and did not
check the maternity section for nursing shirts.  I wish I
had.  I'm happy with my few new (to me) items, though.  A
success after my husband's attempt to shop for me the week
before.  *giggle* 

But, I went in to buy one pair
of pants, and instead came out with a bill of $26.70 and 7 items. 
I was a little nervous of how my husband would react.  It wasn't
$100, but it was still more than he expected me to spend. 
However, my husband is gracious and forgiving and was not angry with
me.  He is entirely too merciful and tolerant towards me, at
times.  I sure do love him.  Don't misunderstand,
though.  He has made me return things I had bought imprudently
before, and I have worked hard to overcome the bad habit of shopping
impulsively and imprudently.  Usually I do quite well controlling
my impulses.

Back to my daughters ...  None of the pants
fit my oldest super-thin daughter.  However, two pair fit my
younger daughter perfectly, and one was okay.  One pair of pants
we are putting away for her in a year or two.  The other loose
pair will probably also get put away for now.  But the pedal
pusher carpenter style overalls are so cute on her.  They fit her
personality well and are a good fit.  We had to tighten the straps
as tight as they would go for now, but that is good.  They should
fit her for quite some time. I'm sure they're longer on her than
intended, but not so long as to look funny.  That is actually what
she chose to wear to the theme park that night.   And the other
pair of carpenter pants I bought for her sister (A)actually fit her (R)
perfectly, instead.  They are the same size as the pants that hurt
her that morning, but they fit her perfectly.  The length is even
perfect.  That may be because they are actually pedal pushers, as
I originally  suspected, but on her they are the length of pants.

So, that is my confession.  I am a wishy-washy "dresses mostly"
lady, who still likes to wear pants occasionally.  And sometimes
my husband tells us to wear pants.  And I have a bad habit of
spending more than my husband wants me to.  And I impulsively
shopped for myself this weekend against my husband's wishes, although I
doubted he would be mad about it.  How's that for a submissive
wife?  *sigh*  I do try, most of the time, to be
submissive.  But I failed this weekend.

But on the
positive side:  I got new clothes, my daughter got nice-fitting
pants, my husband isn't mad at me, and they had a great time with Daddy
at the theme park. All's well that ends well.


  1. I'm glad you found some things that work for you and R! We have similar differences in bodies around here. It sure makes passing clothes down complicated.

  2. My personal confession:

    I spent over $20 in one visit at the thrift store on books that were .10 each!



  3. I've done that with books before, too. LOL!! But DH is okay with that. In fact, the next friends of the library used book sale is 2 Saturdays from now, and I really want to be able to go. It's been months since I went. :-)

  4. I understand the impulsive shopping thing and am also doing my best to overcome that as I am striving to be an asset to my husband more than a liability. Sound like you're doing pretty good, and your husband sounds wonderfully gracious- that's a blessing.

    Glad your daughters had fun,


  5. .. for stopping by my blog and for being my new friend. My sister is actually working on a project with Wycliffe in the Philippines. Before I came here in the states I was working for a Deaf Ministry there and had passed on the chair to my sister. They are working on a Bible on DVD for the Filipino Deaf. I was offered by DOOR in Raleigh to be part of the project too, as soon as I can get my head out of the I think I'd go for it. Small world, huh!

    I love thrift stores! They are so cheap I can buy more for my money! When we shop in the malls after I calculate the prices in pesos, I would change my mind most of the time and liked to return them. But in thrift stores, I am having a blast! lol


    ~ Melanie


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