Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Best Baby Born in 2006!! and hanging family pictures

Now, I don't want you to be jealous, but
I thought you ought to know that I have the sweetest little bundle of
baby girl born in 2006 here at my house.  She's just precious, and
I love snuggling with her!!  I love seeing her smile and hearing
her first attempts at laughing.  I love looking into her eyes as
she watches me.  I love seeing her try to talk as she moves her
mouth and coos at me.  And I love listening to her hum as she

Now, my Sister in Law will disagree with me since she has another 2006 baby girl, and Sandi
will disagree with me since she has her Hazel.  And there might be
others reading this who will disagree with me.  We're just going
to have to agree to disagree, though.

I really do have the
best 2006 baby here at my house!  The cutest, sweetest, loveliest,
snuggliest baby born in 2006.  And the best 1995, 1997, 1999,
2001, and 2004 babies, too.  Oops!  My Sister in Law will
also disagree with me about 2001.  But in that case, she can have
the best 2001 girl and I can have the best 2001 boy.

I've seen
others use the term Sister in Love, Mother in Love, etc.  I like
that, but it doesn't flow off my tongue (or fingers) correctly. 
Maybe I need to use it more until it does.  But I really do have
great "in laws" ... no monster "in law" stories in my family. 

I hung some new pictures on my wall yesterday.  My parents had
given me a new 5x7 photo of them, and an 8x10 of them with my youngest
sister.  I was so blessed to have a picture of them to hang in my
living room, finally!  I do get my sister's school pictures each
year, but I don't have any of my other two sisters or my parents. 
Mom said that my other 2 sisters also had pictures taken and they have
some for me.  I called the other night and reminded them they need
to mail them to me. I can't wait to get to add them to my family

And Steve's sister and her husband gave us a 5x7
of them with their 2001 and 2006 baby girls.  I think this is the
first larger photo we've had of them.  I hung their family picture
at the same time I was hanging my parent's photo.  I hung it next
to the picture of Steve's brother and his wife. 

Now my
family wall is almost complete.  Baby L's first pictures are
waiting for us to pick them up.  And my sisters need to send their
pictures to me.  Those pictures are ready, just not at my home
yet.  Steve's parents are all that is left, and they do not like
having their pictures taken.  I think I'm going to look through
the pictures from Steve's sister's wedding.  If I can find a good
picture of his parents, I'll frame it and add it to my
collection.  2yoM has so much fun naming each family member in the
pictures, that I really want to have the whole family represented there.

I do know that before we move to the farm, 3.5 hours away, we must have
a picture of both sets of grandparents!!  At the moment, we live 6
blocks away from Steve's parents, but that will change when God moves
us to the farm.  And I don't want to move away without having a
picture of them for my children.

I'm blessed with a wonderful family ... all around!

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  1. I love that you are enjoying that sweet, sweet baby! Still in Hazel heaven here, too~can't stop kissin' on her! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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