Monday, May 1, 2006

Children's Educational Websites

I've been trying to set up a favorites list for my children with fun, safe, educational websites for them.  We use Noah's Net as a safe browser for our children.  We have to approve all websites before they can access them, and it won't let them wander around the web to unapproved websites.  There is a free version you can download, as well as fancier versions you can buy.  We have the free version.

Anyway, here are some of the websites I've found already.  I'm looking for more.

PBS Kids
Place the State
Field Guides
Multiplication Games
Phonics Games
Map Test

While working on this list, and doublechecking my links, I discovered a whole site full of educational games.  The Place the State game was given to me as a link, but I just discovered that it's just one of many educational games on different topics.  I can't wait to explore the others and share them with my children.

Lots of Games

And this is actually a multiplication game you can download onto your computer.  My girls are loving it!  There is a free version, or a more expanded version you can buy.  So far we only have the free version.

Timez Attack

I'd love to see other safe educational websites for my children. Leave a comment if you have other favorites for your children.

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