Monday, May 8, 2006

First Farm Trip of the Season

Steve took 9 yoR and 5yoJ with him to the farm on Saturday.  It was a
long, rushed trip out to do some quick mowing.  They left here at 6 am
and got home at 12:20 am.  Unfortunately, the John Deere lawn tractor
acted up, and he had to push mow most of the day, again.  Someday we're
going to get that running right.  It seems we fix one thing, just to
find something else wrong.

Well, we had more "critters" in the basement this time.  They found one
glue trap that had caught a mouse, which appeared to have been eaten by
something after it was caught.  Just some "remains" on the glue trap. 

But we found the answer to a debate we'd had over the basement before. 
I said I feared snakes might be down there.  Steve said they couldn't
get in.  I said if mice can get in, snakes can get in.  Guess who was
right?   Steve found a live snake stuck on one of the glue traps.  Poor

He couldn't get the trap off of it, so he cut the
sides off the glue trap.  Now the snake's only stuck to a narrow
strip.  But, he was having troubles slithering with it on. 

Steve told R and J that the snake was probably hungry and thirsty ...
so R decided to "water" the snake.  I'm sure the snake appreciated that
on a 65* day.  I wish I'd been there to see that.  Silly kids!

We've been wondering if the snake's still alive or if a hawk got the slow-moving creature already.

I can't wait for Memorial Day weekend, when we can all go for 3 days!

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