Friday, May 5, 2006

How do 2 year olds survive?

My 2 year old (M) is really tempting fate lately.  He has been one incident after another, it seems.  We have to lock the deadbolt and take out the key to keep him in the house.  (Our deadbolt requires a key, not just turning the knob.)  He can unlock the deadbolt if we leave the key in.  He can also unlock the screen door, so we don't get to enjoy any lovely Spring breezes coming in.  He even snuck out in the dark yesterday evening because he thought Daddy was out front ... he didn't realize Daddy had left. 


But in the past month he has nearly caused me heart failure multiple times.  The first was Easter Sunday.  We'd been over to Steve's parents house for Easter dinner after church.  When we returned home late in the afternoon, we were all carrying food and diaper bags and the baby's infant carrier into the house.  M hung back and didn't come in immediately.  He has been doing that lately and we have to go out and retrieve him.  But this day we were busy putting food away and I sat down to nurse baby L who was crying.  A little while later, Steve asks where M is and we realize he's still outside. 


So, I go out looking for him and can't find him.  I'm looking down the block, calling him.  Finally, a family across the street starts pointing north.  So, I start walking north and realize he has crossed the street, but I still can't see him.  They call me again and are pointing north of them.  So I turn and see he is on their side of the street.  I head over there to get him and he spots me and starts jogging.  So, I start running.  I grab the back of his shirt just as a dog I had not seen lunges toward us.  I snap M up just as the dog's chain pulls him up short, about one inch from where M's face had been.  I spin around to leave, and the dog grabs the back of my skirt.  Rip!   


I was horrified that we hadn't realized he was still outside.  I was horrified that these neighbors saw the whole thing as well.  I was horrified that if I had been a moment or two slower, he would have been knocked down and possibly bitten by that dog.  At the least, he would have been scared badly -- at the worst, injured.  I am so thankful to God for His promptings to us to remember M and to start running when I did.  We've been much more diligent about getting M inside since then, and about keeping the front door locked when we are home.  He gets quite mad at us, at times, but that's too bad.


This past Sunday, he gave me another moment of heart failure.  We were heading down a flight of old steep stairs into the foyer before worship service.  I had just collected all the children from Sunday School, so we were all there.  M was walking beside and just behind me, but not holding my hand.  The older children were all behind him.  I saw him start to lose his balance, but he was behind me a bit.  He went down onto his knees and I relaxed, thinking he'd stopped.  But then he pitched forward onto his face and I couldn't grab him.  Then I watched as he flipped head over heels all the way down the stairs.  I couldn't stop him from where I was, and the people at the bottom couldn't stop him either.  It was one of those awful slow motion moments you can't do anything about.  At the bottom, he hit the back of his head on the metal strip under the door. 


I rushed down to him and he was crying, but seemed fine.  I picked him up and held him.  He just sat quietly on my lap all through church, which is unusual for him.  He usually gets really loud and has to be taken to the nursery.  But not Sunday.  I think he might have even napped a bit, which concerned me.  I was worried about head injuries.  After church, though, he woke up and was fine the rest of the day. 


Then yesterday, we were getting ready to go to another town for my midwife appointment, and to visit the zoo.  M, C, and J were outside waiting for us to leave.  We were gathering up last minute things inside when we begin to hear M cry and C rushes in to say he's stuck.  Steve heads out to see where he's stuck.  J had opened the Suburban door, and they'd both climbed inside, but when J shut the door, he didn't realize M's fingers were on the door frame on the hinged side of the door.  And then J was too scared to know what to do, so he left the door shut.   Steve carried M inside and we checked out his fingers.  There was a deep dent, but he was bending them.  We decided to go ahead and leave so I wouldn't be late to the midwife, and if they looked badly swollen or bruised when we got to that town, we'd take him to the emergency room.  But the dents were gone when we got there, and they were only slightly swollen.  Last night, we were glad to see they didn't seem to be bruised at all. 


How is this boy going to survive?  I think I need to tie him to me.  Although that might drive me crazy because he's hanging on me often enough, as it is.  Unfortunately, I know my Mom has about as many stories about me at this age ... and C was worse than he was at this age.  We caught C (Tigger) at the top of Steve's ladder more than once when she was 2.  And she disappeared on us more than once, too. 


I think 2 year olds must have extra guardian angels ... my 2 year olds need extra ones, at least.


  1. PreschoolersandPeaceMay 5, 2006 at 6:22 AM

    Bet you didn't realize that you answered your own question... "How is this boy going to survive? I think I need to tie him to me." Yes! Really! I think of my straying, mobile two-year-olds as wayward sheep in need of a shepherd. That's me... Mom the Shepherd. So I tell them that they are my little sheep and they are to stay by my side all day. Yes, it will exhaust you. Yes, you'll be counting the hours until naptime. But in the end you'll have a sweeter, more obedient little guy whose emotional cup is filled up because he's been mommy's sidekick for a week or two. And you won't have to chase him down the street :)



  2. BOYS!!!!! I have one like that too~mirrors have fallen and broken on his head, he'd fall out of his stroller while strapped in, and one time even fell off the futon and split his tongue! He's already had stitches in his forehead, too. OY! BOYS! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) and hang in there! ~sandi

  3. What adventures you have! My 2 yo is not quite as rambunctious or prone to disaster, although he does walk into walls. He is so timid adn sensitive. I am glad he is not as risky as your 2 yo...I do have another boy coming, so we will see if he is more like my 3yog or my 2 yob :)

    heather :)


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