Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Marie Bellet: Music for Moms

When I'm feeling like the work I do as a Mom doesn't matter, or if I'm feeling negative about my family, I have one CD that I listen to.  It's Marie Bellet's album,  "What I Wanted To Say".

It is such an encouraging CD to this homeschooling Mom of many, from another Christian Mom of many.  The very first song, "One Heroic Moment",  helps me be thankful for the sacrifices and work my husband does for our family.  "If Only" helps me realign my thinking and squelches the coveting and dissatisfaction that is so easy to fall into.  "Here I Am" reminds me that my work is a service to God each day.

"You Don't Know the Half Of It" and "What I Wanted To Say" just epitomize so many of the situations and conversations I find myself in as I am out in the world with my family.  It helps to know I'm not the only one dealing with these situations as people exclaim (and not always kindly) over our family size.  And it helps me to keep my thinking positive and not fall into the trap of negativity these encounters can lead to.

"What Difference Does It Make" and "Without You, I Can Do Nothing" remind me of the attitude I need to have as I serve my family each day.  It points me to the Source of my strength, and the One who has called me to this task. 

Her style is eclectic.  Some of the styles she uses are folk, country, bluegrass, jazz, and contemporary.  The overall mood of the CD is soothing and uplifting.  It's very versatile, as I can nap to her music, or work to it.  I've even labored and given birth while listening to her CD.

There are times in my life where this CD sits on my shelf, untouched for months.  And there are times when it is played regularly.  At the moment, I am listening to it often.  It lifts me up, encourages me to try harder, love more, and be joyful.

Marie Bellet has 3 CD's, but I only own her first.  I have listened to clips of her other two CDs on her website, and they are on my wishlist.  I wish they were available in all Christian catalogs and stores, but so far I have only found them at Marie Bellet's Elm Street Records website.  I think all homeschool catalogs should carry them.  I don't know if she homeschools or not, but her music encourages me as I strive to be a godly wife, loving homemaker, and homeschool Mom.  And that is her goal in writing and singing her music.

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  1. I have never heard of her! I may have to put that on my wish-list, too! :o)


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