Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Math Applications

Steve took 9yoR and
10yoA to an amusement park last month. The tickets were $20 each ... so
$60 total, plus some snacks and gas money.

Last night Steve
was reading the newspaper and 2yoM got all excited because he saw the
Wiggles on the front page. Steve looked more closely and saw that
they're having a live show in our area soon. Tickets range from $15 to

Well, the children saw the same paper today and they did
some math. They figured out (R and A) that if Steve took 6yoC, 5yoJ,
and 2yoM to the show, at the cheapest tickets ... it would also cost

So they told the little kids that and they're hoping to convince Steve he needs to do this to make things even.

I am not encouraging them and have even cautioned them that it's not
likely. But I was humored by their math application today.

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