Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Our first weeks with Tapestry of Grace

We are in the middle of our third week
of Tapestry of Grace, year one.  We've been enjoying it
alot.  We still haven't reached the point of using all that the
curriculum has to offer, but we're definitely learning alot and having
fun doing it. 

I've been planning our next 3
weeks.  That will be the end of this school year.  It seems
awkward to do 6 weeks and then take a summer break, but that is what
we're doing.  We'll start again in early August. 

I'll use that summer break to do some things like scrapbooking and
reading, as well as studying Tapestry of Grace some more to figure out
how to add in the parts we haven't begun to use yet.  So far, we
haven't done any maps, timelines, or writing assignments.  And
we've done very little hands-on activities. 

But, I am confident this curriculum is the right one for our family at this time and I'm so glad we switched!!

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