Monday, May 8, 2006

The Teachings of Jon

Steve and I have been under alot of
stress lately.  Our church is having a very difficult time. 
We suddenly lost our Pastor 2 weeks ago, and it's been chaotic ever
since.  As Board Secretary, Steve is the "buck stops here" man for
the church until a new Pastor is  in place. The past two weeks
have been full of phone calls, meetings, and emails with our District
Superintendent, our pulpit supply pastor, and church members. 

Unfortunately, we found out last night that some people are planning to
leave our church.  It looks like we may end up dealing with a
church split.  Steve and I were heavy-hearted as we discussed this
last night after we put the children to bed.  It took the joy out
of the safe birth of our 3 Persian kittens yesterday afternoon. 

As we switched from the news back to PBS, we became interested in the
PBS documentary that was on.  It was about a 42 year old man
severely affected by Down's Syndrome.  It was not a sad
show.  It was very uplifting and encouraging.  We found
ourselves laughing several times at the actions of this man.  As
my husband said, "it's like seeing a 42 year old version of  5 yo
J and 2 yo M."  We smiled as Jon put on his shirt, and removed it,
and put it on, and removed it ... over and over again. 

And this man's family was so cheerful, so loving, and so
encouraging.  It was just a joy to hear them talk about their son
and brother, Jon. 

They have a website about Jon, the documentary, and life with a disabled child.  The Teachings of Jon. 
I hope you get a chance to see this documentary on your PBS station
sometime.  I think it will put a smile on your face, too.

As the show was ending, Steve said, "That was just what I needed to see tonight."  It was a blessing!



  1. I went to look up the PBS schedule before I remembered we don't get any broadcast TV anymore.

    Oh well, I'm sure I didn't neeeeed to see it.

    I'm sorry about your church situation. :-(

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your church :(


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