Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yay! I'm so happy!!

Okay, this will sound silly, I
know.  But today I learned that my Sister in Law who lives locally
reads my blog.  And either my sister or my other Sister in Law
does, too.  Not sure which because they have the same name, but
one of them left a comment for me. They both live far far away.  I
think it was my second sister in law, though.

I started my blog for family and friends, and I'm glad to learn I actually do have family reading it. 

On to other news, I have a separate homestead blog.  The link is
in my sidebar.  But I've decided to cut and paste all those posts
over here under the grouping of homesteading.  I'll post the
homestead related things at both blogs.  It just feels funny to
have them totally separate, since it is becoming more and more a part
of our lives; and I think this blog gets read by my family and friends

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