Friday, June 2, 2006

Dance with your own husband ...


My friend OreoSouza is at it again. I'm so glad she's posting again, as she so often encourages me or inspires me.  She has posted several posts about "dancing with your own husband".  I've known her online for 6 - 6.5 years, I think.  Long enough to share our hearts with each other, and to value her wisdom.  I have always loved what she has to say about marriage.  My Steve is very different from her Tim.  Our marriages look quite different, but she always encourages me to learn to dance with my Steve.  Her June 1 and 2, 2006 entries are the ones I'm referring to.

Our mutual friend Lynn recently was sharing this same analogy with her 16 yo daughter.  It's one that I will share with my daughters as they mature, as well.  Lynn's Harold and my Steve are a bit alike, but our marriages are still different.  Even with somewhat similar husbands, we still have to learn to dance our own dances.

The three of us have another friend who once shared a wonderful post with us about submission ... also related to the individuality of each marriage, and of our husbands.  She has promised me she's going to start a blog soon and it will be one of her first posts.  When she does, I will link y'all to it.  It has blessed me and others over the years since she wrote it.  And I know it will bless y'all, as well.  I sure wish I lived next door to these wonderful women, but I'm so glad God brought us together via the internet.

(Now I have to go and poke that friend and let her know I'm already putting out teasers for that blog she promised to start. Ha Ha!!  It's all a part of my secret plan.) 


  1. Seems like I should be able to guess who you mean. Not that I know all your friends. But if I do, give me a little hint!

  2. I'm not sure if she intends to use her name, although I think she will. So, I'll just user her initals. ;-) LA and THE GREAT SUBMISSION post that was once shared on the defunct gaggle email list. You've probably read it before.

  3. Now I do not need to open that post to our mutual friend and be nosey.. I know you are just poking her... LOL

    And as I misstepped with Harold and stepped on his feet a few times... I thought of you and our similarities.... hmmm that sounds wrong, but it is meant well...


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