Thursday, June 29, 2006

More prayer for Baby L, please ...

Baby L just finished up her prednisone
prescription yesterday.  Today her wheeze and cough is back. 
I guess I have to take her back to the Dr.  This time, I do not
know what set it off. We thought the last episode was started by wheat
harvest out by our little homestead.  But this time she's been
here at home in an air conditioned house.  Ahhh, my poor
baby!  3 months is just too young to have to be dealing with


  1. I have little ones with asthma that started after a bad bout with RSV last march and again this february... no fun, especially in the real little ones... my youngest was hospitalized on oxygen at 6 weeks old... so I can really empathize. It's hard on mommies to watch little ones work that hard to breathe.

    Stay on top of it, frequent doctor visits get tiring but hang in there,

    praying for you all to pull through this soon,


  2. I missed this~so sorry for this difficulty! Saying a prayer right now! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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