Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nasty stuff, that!

Well, a stomach virus has hit 5/8 of the
family.  Started with my oldest son (5 yo J) on Sunday
night.  Hit the 2yo M and 7 yo C on Tuesday night.  Hit 9 yo
R and myself this morning.  Nasty stuff!!    Steve, 10
yo A, and 3 mo L are thus far unscathed.  We are in survival mode
here, and my living room looks like an old-fashioned war-time hospital
ward -- makeshift beds and buckets everywhere.  Last night, it
held 3 sick children, baby L and myself.  Tonight, 5 yo J will
graduate out, but 9 yo R moves in. 

Please pray 3 mo Baby L will not get this.  I've never had an
infant get a stomach virus, and I'm praying she doesn't.  But
since she's just coming off steroids from her RAD, her immune system is
likely a bit low.  At least, I know she's getting some immunities
from me nursing her.

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