Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Summer Busy-ness

This week and next week are busy, busy, busy for us.  Actually the whole month of June is going to be quite busy.  We are done with our school for the year, although I have a week's worth of math to correct and have them re-do.  We will probably start school again in late July or early August.  We usually end school later than local schools and begin earlier.  We take more breaks than they do, I guess.

Yesterday, I took the children to the library so they could sign up for the Summer Reading Program.  They've also joined the Homeschool Reading Club and have started reading for the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program.  They are thrilled to be in three summer reading programs.  Although, the local library program is the most challenging to the older girls, as it is counting by minutes instead of pages or books.

I love that my 2nd daughter R enjoys reading aloud to her younger siblings.  Since C and J are not yet reading on their own, and they love to be in the reading programs, it is a huge blessing to me that R will read to them.  It helps them reach their goals without me having to do all the reading.  This year, since the older girls are counting their reading by minutes, she gets to count all her reading aloud.  In previous years, I only let her count some of the books she read to them, since some were just too easy.

Oh, tomorrow evening is the used curriculum sale.  Steve and I are leaving the children with Grandma and making a date of it ... well, we'll have Baby L along.  We're going to eat together, as well as shop.  Unfortunately, it's 45 minutes away, but it's usually worth the drive.  I'm praying we find things we need at a savings.  Although, most of what I need for next year is consumable and not likely to be found there.

During this summer break, in addition to our trips, library visits, swim lessons, etc.  I plan to look over Tapestry of Grace more carefully.  We did not fully implement it in our first 6 weeks since Baby L was born.  So I need to figure out how to add in the elements we didn't use ... like the writing.  I also need to decide if there are any books I should buy for next year, and how to make the remaining 30 weeks of Tapestry of Grace year 1 stretch to cover the 36 weeks of the next school year.  I didn't think about that when I decided to start it this Spring.  Perhaps we'll just plan to start year 2 next Spring ... and continue to be out of sync.

Well, I need to get busy.  I have lots of laundry to do, and the children and I have to go to the church this afternoon to work on a couple bulletin boards.  This weekend is our church's 90th Anniversary Celebration and I need to help prepare for that.


  1. I understand about being busy...is seems like we have way too much going on this month! I'm ready for summer to be over already! LOL

  2. Perhaps you can throw in a week here and there of another type of study (like FIAR or something more age appropriate) to even out your 30/36 week problem.

    Have fun with your summer vacation!


  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I also added you as one of my friends.

    Sounds like our summers will be the same...busy!! I'm sure we'll both have enough lazy, summer days staying at home to balance things out, though.

    Your farm sounds wonderful! I always thought Kansas sounded like a nice place to live. I like how it's such a rural state.

    Take care,


  4. Sounds as if you are going to be busy then! :-D We are hoping to be moving house this summer, so most of our time will be taken up with decorating, cleaning and no doubt lazying in the garden :-)

    Wishing you a good one!

    Love and blessings

    Jules x (UK)

  5. HI my friend! We do use Ambleside Online and LOVE it~we've found *our* fit. We first use BFIAR through to Vol. 3 before age six, and then at age six we make the break to AO. I can't wait to hear Mr. Lambert's tape! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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