Monday, July 17, 2006

Ahhh ... Bliss!

This morning Baby L woke up and was
just lying in bed beside me smiling around her fingers ... which were
in her mouth, as usual.  And as I looked into her eyes, I just
felt my heart melt.  I told her ... "I just love to look at you
and see that baby adoration in your eyes."  Of course, Steve was
being smart-alecky and said something along the lines of "you mean like
her older siblings look at you?"

Ha!!  Lately it
seems I've been getting more glares and grumps from them.  Not
adoration!!  So, when exactly does that adoration start turning
into glares?  Sometime before age 2, because M has got the glare
down pretty well, too.  *giggle*

My children
don't always glare at me ... but some days it feels like non-stop
glares.  It's refreshing to look at the baby and see her loving
smiles instead.  When I've done "battle" all day long with the
older five, over things as trivial as snack choices all the way to the
monumental chores battle, it's so relaxing to just hold a snuggly
cuddly ball of love who only complains if she's ignored too long.

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