Monday, July 10, 2006

Meatloaf Something Different

I decided to try a different Meatloaf
Recipe today.  My children aren't fond of meatloaf, and I've been
trying to make them like it.  They like my Mother-in-law's Hamloaf
recipe, which is similar to my meatloaf recipe.  I just don't know
why they like hamloaf, but not meatloaf.

Anyway, I decided to try my friend Shurleen's recipe today.  Her recipe is basically the same as mine, except one ingredient is different. 

stood there at the pantry wondering why it calls for sweetened
condensed milk instead of evaporated milk or refrigerated milk. I
thought it was odd to use sweetened milk in a recipe like this, but I
did it.

Then it cooked and I tasted it. VERY SWEET!! Caramelized Meatloaf with Onion. :lol 

I double checked the recipe again. Doofus me!! I always confuse
evaporated milk and sweetened, condensed milk. And I confused them
today. :lol

The children said they actually missed my tomato sauce meatloaf recipe.  :sigh  I thought they'd like it without the tomato this time.  But I guess not.  :rolleyes
   I'm still going to try Shurleen's recipe again, but with evaporated milk instead!!

Go ahead, laugh at me.  It's okay.  I'm laughing, too. 


  1. Oh, honey, I can't laugh about the sweetend condensed milk...I can't even grow a tomato seed! I have to go check out Shurleen's recipe...this has my sounds good! Mikki at clagettsflstyle had a great meatloaf recipe on her blog about 6 weeks ago...I think she may still have it in her archives.

  2. just to double-check ... it's *not* supposed to have the sweetened kind, right?

    I always call them wrong ~ "sweetened evaporated milk"

    and I've accidentally subbed them to make a sweet thing (BrendaWA's fudge) even sweeter - and grainer, the sugar didn't dissolve since it was already so saturated, LOL) but never a savory thing sweet. :)

  3. I would love to have Shurleen's recipe...if you don't think she would mind.




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