Monday, July 31, 2006

Missing my homestead

We had a great visit to our homestead in June.  But we came home with a 3 month old having an asthmatic reaction -- Reactive Airways Disease.  Then we intended to go back for the 4th of July weekend, but Baby L was still occasionally wheezing and the Dr didn't want us to take her out there, since there isn't any air conditioning.  We discussed Steve going alone to mow and check on the house, but we decided not to.  We hoped to go later in July instead.

But as we looked at the calendar, we decided to wait and go this upcoming weekend since a church family is having a wedding in a nearby town.  We'd combine our mowing trip with a trip out to his wedding.  But today I had to take Baby L back to the Dr.  She was wheezing again, and she's back on prednisone again.  We'll see the Dr again on Thursday, but I expect he won't want her to go to the farm. 

We can't put off mowing again, though, so Steve will likely have to go alone.  I miss my homestead.  I want to go out there.  Hopefully, when the weather cools off, Baby L will be doing better and I can go.  I can't help but wonder how her R.A.D. is going to affect us moving out there.  I suspect it means we can't move until we can afford to put in air conditioning. 

At least I know it's all in God's hands.  Otherwise, it could really be depressing.

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