Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ouch! the "Just a Minute!" mentality


Happy Home challenged us to Enjoy our Children yesterday.  I confess that I had just told my 2yo son "Just a minute" when I read her post this morning.  Just about ten seconds passed between saying it and reading her post about how often we say it to our children.  Ouch!!  You can read her admonishment and challenge to "Enjoy your children today!" at her blog.

And what was I missing out on?  Well, my 2yo son wanted me to put his special red hooded bath towel on his head.  He then declared he was "BooBer Man".  I attempted to translate that and asked if he was Super Man.  He said "No, me BooBer Man.  Mmm-mmm UperMan."   (translated "No, I'm something man.  J's Super Man." For some reason he calls J Mmm-mmm, and has for 18 months.)

So, I asked him if he was "Poo Poo Man".  He just grinned at me like I was the silliest Mom alive.  He still declares he's "BooBer Man" but we don't know what he's really saying.  Maybe he is "Pooper Man" instead of Super Man.  I asked if he was Bible Man, but he denied that, too.  Silly, silly boy!

I guess it's a good thing I put his cape on instead of continuing to make him wait.  I probably should go see what my other darling children are doing, as well.  What am I missing out on with them, by sitting here?

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