Thursday, July 20, 2006

School Planning and end of Summer

Yesterday, I sat down with my Tapestry
of Grace (year 1) manual and ordered books over the internet from our
library for the next 3 weeks.  Okay, not actually our
library.  Our library had none of the recommended books, but I did
request one "go along" on the topic from our library.  I requested
a hold on the books I'm going to need from the library and it's system
in the town where my husband works.  He works right across the
street from the library, and often picks up books for me that I've put
a "hold" on. 

So, the books are requested. 
Hopefully, they'll be ready for him to pick up tomorrow or Monday at
the latest.  Tomorrow or Saturday I'll fill out the assignment
charts for the children and print any worksheets for these 3 weeks from
my Tapestry of Grace reproducibles disk.  My children are loving
having worksheets to fill in.  We didn't have alot of "paper work"
when we were using Five In A Row. 

I'm also hoping to
order the Map Aids CD from Tapestry of Grace soon.  We all love
map work, and I can't wait to be able to (easily) encorporate them into
our lessons.

The oldest girls will jump right in with math and
spelling, but we won't have the math workbooks or handwriting workbooks
for the younger two yet.  We need to order them soon,
though.  I'll print some handwriting sheets for J 5yo and C 7yo in
the meantime.  I may use highlighters to fill in their worksheets
with their oral answers from Tapestry of Grace, then they can trace
over the highlighted answers.

I also will be diving back into
teaching phonics to 7 yo C, since I did not continue with it this
summer, as I intended to.  I feel guilty about that.  I
should have kept the momentum going with that.  She really wants
to figure out this reading "code", and we're all eager for her to
figure it out, too.

I like to begin school early, so we have
more flexibility during the "typical school year".  And my
children have spent most of their days inside during this hot weather,
anyway, so we might as well be doing school.  Their reading has
been dwindling as they've tired of the Summer Reading
Programs.   A-10 yo actually finished the highest 2nd
completion level, but the others only completed the first level. 
They all met many smaller goals and prize levels along the way, though.

We should get 4 weeks of school completed before my surgery on August
21.  Then we may take a week or two off.  Steve has said he
thinks he's capable of teaching school for me, but I told him let's not
count on it.  Running the household w/o me may be enough work for
him to tackle.

That's the plan, at least.  Finish up
Vacation Bible School this week, begin school next week.  Besides
needing to get school rolling, with a gentle start, we need to get the
house back under control.  I joined in the Adult Summer Reading
program at our library, too.  I indulged my love of reading ... at
the expense of the housework.  The program continues through next
week, but I'm slowing down.  It's time to come back to
reality.  I began reading Seasons of a Mother's Heart by Sally Clarkson
last night to ease my way out of fiction and gear my heart and mind up
for the new homeschool year. I love this book!  I expect it will
be my final book for the Summer Reading Program.

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