Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Taking my own advice ... needs vs. wants

I had a list of curriculum I wanted to
buy for this upcoming school year.  I wanted to get Explode the
Code to use with 7yo C for her phonics lessons.  I wanted to get
Easy Grammar 3rd and 4th grade for C and R to begin a more organized
study of grammar. I wanted to get italic handwriting workbooks for 5 yo
J, 7 yo C, and 9 yo R.  I wanted to get Horizons math workbooks
for J and C.   I wanted to get the Map Aids Cd for Tapestry of
Grace year 1, and also the Retrofit kit for Tapestry of Grace year 1.

And as I'm thinking carefully about how to spend our money, I'm having
to admit to myself that I don't need all of these items.  The
first items to cross off would be Explode the Code and Easy
Grammar.  I can continue with what I've been using (Simply Grammar
and Reading Made Easy), just adapting things to suit us more.  It
may mean more work on my part, but it's still possible.

could get by without the italic handwriting workbooks.  I can
print tracing worksheets out from my computer, although I'd rather not.

I can also live without the Map Aids Cd and the Retrofit kit for
Tapestry of Grace.  I don't want to.  It will mean more work
on my part, but I can make do without them.

Which means the
only things I really really NEED to buy are the 3 workbooks for C and
J's Horizons math.  I already have one of the 4 workbooks I'll
need, so I only need to buy 3 of them ... and only two right away.

I'll talk with Steve, and hopefully we can order some of these wants
after all.  But I just needed to be brutally honest with myself
about which items are NEEDS and which ones are just WANTS.


  1. how about trying the they try to help with any kind of curriculum you might need. the only stipulation is you pass it on free also. hope this helps...God bless...deb

  2. I had to do the same thing. I am just starting out homeschooling my five-year old. It would be nice to have workbooks and stuff for him, but we are making do. I find it a challenge. :)


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