Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Weaning my Two year old son


Well, I guess I'm weaning my son.  It's a bit of a surprise to me.  My husband and I had talked of doing it sometime later this Summer.  But we hadn't discussed when.  I guess the upcoming surgery (probably in a month) prompted Steve to do it now.

I had told Steve last week about a friend's vinegar method for weaning.  She keeps a cotton ball soaked in vinegar in a baggy in her pocket.  Then just before she lets her toddler nurse, she wipes it on herself.  But this is preceded by a few weeks of warning the child Mom's milk will start to taste bad soon.  Then suddenly it does taste bad.   I know I've told him about it before, but this time he "heard it". 

Anyway, so I was nursing M last week and Steve starts talking about how the milk will start tasting bad someday.  So I went along with it and mentioned it a couple other times to M when he was nursing. I wasn't sure when we'd do this, but I figured it'd be later this summer maybe, after more preparation.

But last night M was asking to nurse and Steve brings me cotton balls and apple cider vinegar.  So, the next time M asked to nurse, I distracted him with a task while I prepared a cotton ball and put it on.

We all had a HARD time not laughing at his face. He said EEWWW!! and let go really fast. Then he said he wanted to try the other side. So I quickly wiped that side, too. He smelled it and didn't even bother tasting. So far, he's asked 2 more times and would not taste ... as soon as he smelled it. He keeps saying Mom's milk taste bad.

So far, he hasn't bothered to ask why the baby still is drinking the bad milk. Maybe he thinks it tastes bad for her, too, but she likes it. I don't know.

Anyway, last night, he was rather talkative. It took at least half an hour of reminding him to lay down before he fell asleep last night. Then he woke up and fussed for 20 minutes at 5 am. But he didn't ask to nurse.

He asked when he woke up this morning, but I swiped myself and he smelled it and said ewww. In fact, now when he asks, he covers his mouth as he asks as if he's half afraid to ask. He remembers the taste I guess.

So, I guess Steve wants me to wean right now. And I am. I think the upcoming surgery is why. He doesn't want me nursing M to sleep and having to carry him anymore. He doesn't want M trying to climb on me to nurse post-surgery. He wants M to be falling asleep on his own before then.

I guess that's his reasoning ... he didn't really say. We'd discussed me not carrying him to bed and having to be careful nursing him afterwards. But I also know Steve's ready for him to wean. This is the age we weaned J at (during my pregnancy with M). He was asking the other day if M was the oldest nursling ... I said J and M were tied currently. He's ready for M to start coming to our bed less often at night, which will happen gradually once he's weaned.

It's been surprisingly easy. No crying or fussing. Just a bit tricky getting the cotton ball out of the ziplock bag unnoticed at times -- a little sleight of hand.

M is much more verbal now than he was during my pregnancy with L.  He wasn't ready to be weaned then, but now that he's more verbal, it's easier.  He's ready.  And this seems to be a fairly non-traumatic way to go about it.  So, now we just have to get him to falling asleep on his own.


  1. awwwwwwww ... bless his heart~ wonder what Wes would do

  2. awwwwwwww ... bless his heart~ wonder what Wes would do

  3. I may have to try the vinegar thing. My almost two year old has started throwing fits (even in public) to nurse, and anytime I sit down, she believes that my sole reason for doing so is to nurse her. Distraction and swatting her haven't really worked that well, so it may be time to just cut her off! lol I actually wouldn't mind nursing her longer. . . if she could be nice:-)


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